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Bisphenol Pale Ale: Should You Be Worried About the BPA in Your Beer Can? Beer and Health by

The industry’s wholehearted embrace of cans comes with a lurking question: should we be worried about chemicals in the container’s epoxy lining?

Cruise Lines Add Onboard Breweries News by

From onboard breweries to beer-themed trips, cruise lines add better beer to the itinerary.

Flying High: Pilot Systems Guide the Way at Breweries Large and Small Feature by

The recent boom in new breweries has come with a secondary phenomenon: the growth in smaller scale commercial brewing equipment. Today, it seems, almost no one runs a commercial brewery without a pilot system.

Where to Drink in New Orleans, Louisiana Destinations by

In The Big Easy, drinking is often paired with the debauchery of Bourbon Street, where cheap Hurricanes and “Big Ass Beers” have long been sold and spilled up and down the thoroughfare. But times change even if the party never stops, and New Orleans now has much more to offer the discerning beer drinker.

New Orleans Destinations by

This place is a steaming melting pot of Spanish, French, African and Caribbean influences, a magnet for artists, musicians, misfits and criminals, a charmingly seedy town united by its distaste for authority and its mighty thirst.