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Boycotting Is a Slippery Slope Beer Smack by

Rather than call for a boycott, we’d rather bring some awareness to the issues, share our opinion, host the discussion, and allow consumers to decide what’s best for them.

Complete IPA: The Guide to Your Favorite Craft Beer Shelf Talker by

Beyond the classic English and American styles, author Joshua M. Bernstein indexes standout IPAs by grain, color, and strength. Fringe categories like “yeast-driven” and wood-aged get a nod, too.

Beware the Storysellers Beer Smack by

There’s a disturbing trend in beer journalism. In fact, unbeknownst to most readers, it’s lurked in the global beer scene for decades.

Beer News News by

Nonprofit pub to open in Oregon; two more defunct beer brands revived; Pabst launches interactive marketing campaign to promote Rainier Brewery; Lost Abbey crashes Lost Abbey tasting party; super PAC to foster change by funding happy hours.

Super Bowl XLIV: Missed Opportunity for Craft Beer? Beer Smack by

From our point of view, an honest series of compelling craft beer ads during this year’s Super Bowl would have most definitely stood out among the mediocrity and made some form of impact.

Beer News News by

North Korea airs beer commercial; genetic science and beer bellies; beer tastings to become legal in North Carolina; Flying Fish Exit Series; Hoosiers campaign for freedom of choice.

Beer News News by

Dave’s beer turning green; Utah man can restore landmark beer billboard; resale of stolen kegs outlawed in N.D.; and Brewery Ommegang’s commemorative ale stripped of its presidential title.

Beer Wares Wares by

Vintage TV beer commercials, a beer lover’s cookbook, and the black and tan turtle.

Donate “A Buck for BeerAdvocacy!” Beer Smack by

At some point, brewers have to advertise to not only sustain their current demand, but to grow and compete in new markets.

Here’s to Respect Unfiltered by

After years of Big Beer following the same crass marketing playbook, beer suddenly had a bad image and a black eye.