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Stone Xocoveza: An Imperial Stout Inspired by Mexican Hot Chocolate Beer Reviews by

Brewed with cocoa, coffee, pasilla peppers, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and lactose, with English Challenger and East Kent Golding as featured hops.

Chocolate Trio: 3 Pairings Table Mates by

Chocolatier David Briggs, known for incorporating savory ingredients like bacon, Parmesan, and olive oil into his bittersweet confections, pairs sweets with a tart wheat, an Imperial IPA, and a Flanders Brown Ale.

Chocolate Chip Cookies: 3 Pairings Table Mates by

Jonathan Bender, author of the new baking and pairing cookbook Cookies & Beer, shares his picks to pair with vanilla brown butter-infused chocolate chip cookies.

Holiday Beer Fudge Cooking with Beer by

Beers like Founders Breakfast Stout and Short’s Bellaire Brown Ale enhance these recipes for fudge, a perfect make-ahead dessert that travels easily, shares well and can be quickly placed on a candy dish for impromptu gatherings.

Bean to Beer: Brewers and Chocolate Makers Join Together in Pursuit of Flavor The Business of Beer by

Craft brewers have begun to realize that a new breed of artisan can help them explore chocolate’s diverse range of flavor profiles.

Celebrate with Cake BYOB by

Cake is a mixture of wheat flour, sugar, flavorings, eggs and butter. The last two ingredients contain copious fats that make it a complicated beer additive. Yet to brew a true chocolate cake beer, one must have chocolate cake.

Coffee Milk Stout Custard Cake Cooking with Beer by

This dessert is one of a kind. The top layer has the look and texture of a brownie, the inside has the mouthfeel of a moist cake and the bottom is rich and creamy, much like a thick custard or pudding.

Irish Stout-Inspired Desserts Cooking with Beer by

These three base recipes—Chocolate Irish Stout Cake, Bailey’s Irish Cream Pastry Cream and a Smoked Salted Caramel Sauce with Irish Whiskey—can be used interchangeably to create a multitude of dessert options.

Aphrodisiac Feast à la Bière Cuisine Cooking with Beer by

While the FDA won’t endorse claims that foods contain aphrodisiac properties, many of the ingredients listed in this article produce improved blood flow and are full of energy-producing vitamins and arousing aromas that can reduce stress, and improve stamina and endurance.

Beer Caramels Cooking with Beer by

This caramel recipe takes a candy idea, adds beer, some salt, and other sophisticated flavors, while preserving the nostalgic childhood excitement of unwrapping those cellophane Brach’s caramels on Halloween night.

Beer Pancakes Cooking with Beer by

These three beer pancake recipes would make wonderful centerpieces for a weekend brunch, but they’re just as appropriate served for dessert or as a special breakfast for dinner.

Apocalypse Now: A Beer for the End of the World BYOB by

It turns out the Mayans shared an obsession with us: chocolate. But they weren’t chomping on Cadbury bars; they drank their chocolate in a bitter, foamy liquid. Sound familiar?

Beer Pie Cooking with Beer by

Using the beer as an ingredient in the creation of these two pies was the goal. The result? Some of the best pie I have ever had.

Recipes from the Toronado Belgian Beer Dinner Cooking with Beer by

Four years ago, I was asked to create a menu for San Francisco’s Toronado, to showcase the cuisine of Belgium. Here are three recipes from this year’s Belgian Beer Dinner.

Turning Cupcakes into Pubcakes Cooking with Beer by

I started playing around with cupcakes and, of course, adding beer spins to some nostalgic flavors. It was then that I actually started to understand the excitement.

Holiday Beer Cookies Cooking with Beer by

Whether using a Porter or a Lambic, holiday cookies made with beer create a new realm of possibilities for baking enthusiasts.

Chocolate Beer Truffles Cooking with Beer by

Beer-infused chocolates designed with Pete Slosberg, creator of Pete’s Wicked Ale and founder of Cocoa Pete’s Chocolate Adventures.

Cuckoo for Cocoa BYOB by

Notice the abundance of chocolate-infused Stouts and Porters? Beyond the color connection, chocolate intertwines naturally with roasted malt’s coffee bite. Mocha, anyone?

Bittersweet Symphony Cooking with Beer by

Chocolate lovers and the chocolatiers who make them melt are discovering the unique compatibility between chocolate and beer.