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Carton Brewing Co.’s Canoe & Rabaska Cream Ales Label Approval by

Designed for a whole day’s “drinking arc,” Carton’s new split six-pack includes both Canoe, a 3 percent ABV Cream Ale, and its stronger 6 percent counterpart, Rabaska.

Preparing for Lawn Season: Brewing a Pre-Prohibition-Style Cream Ale BYOB by

Take advantage of winter’s low ambient temps by brewing a pre-Prohibition Cream Ale in preparation for the lawn-mowing days to come.

Playing the Percentages BYOB by

To divorce recipe amounts from purely physical measures, think of grain as a percentage of the total grain bill. Combined with the target gravity you can use a little math to re-create a recipe that’s theoretically independent of system efficiency and volume.

American Styles of the 1930s History by the Glass by

Robert Wahl had a distinguished career as a brewing science educator. But one of his greatest legacies is a book that shines a light on American brewing in the immediate aftermath of Prohibition.

Beyond Corned Beef & Cabbage Cooking with Beer by

The food of Ireland is of simple origins. Most dishes are made with very fresh vegetables and meats, seasoned with salt and pepper. The recipes in this article pay homage to the Old World recipes of the Republic of Ireland, but with a modern twist.

Cream Ale: Dumbed-Down Relic or Pretense-Free Delight? Style Profile by

You could call it a DumbedDown Ale; but take another gulp, and you might understand that what you’ve got is a whole ’nother kind of beer.

Nice Cans! How the Aluminum Can Is Making a Triumphant Return to Respectable Society Feature by

Ordering a can of beer has always been trouble. Call for one and you run the risk of being identified as an unsophisticated ignoramus and subjected to ridicule at the hands of even the most open-minded beer geeks.