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Winter Beer Stollen Cooking with Beer by

Modify a recipe for stollen, a traditional German holiday bread, with ingredients like raisins soaked in rum barrel-aged Stout or Eisbock-soaked dried fruit.

Braised Rabbit Tagliatelle: 3 Pairings Table Mates by

Chef Jason Ritchey of The Village Idiot in Lexington selects three beers to bring out different qualities in the popular winter dish Braised Rabbit Tagliatelle.

Savoring Acidity: The Quest to Explain Sourness in Beer Feature by

As sour beers proliferate in the market, the search for a quantitative yardstick to determine acidity has intensified. Could Titratable Acidity, or TA, a measurement borrowed from the wine industry, be the answer?

Beer-Infused Egg Rolls Cooking with Beer by

Use one versatile recipe to make Chinese-style BBQ pork egg rolls with Imperial Stout, or braised duck egg rolls with Flanders Red.

5 Sources of Inspiration for Rodenbach Caractère Rouge 6 Degrees of Fermentation by

Brouwerij Rodenbach brewmaster Rudi Ghequire talks about the beverages that inspired a new beer designed to be paired with food: a Flanders Red aged for an additional six months on cherries, raspberries and cranberries.

The Devil’s Cup Kindred Spirits by

Playing off the tart green apple and caramel notes commonly found in sour red ales, The Devil’s Cup includes these flavors, yet still maintains its integrity as a mixed drink. The goal is to use the beer as one would use any other ingredient in a cocktail: with a balanced touch.

Red Velvet Kindred Spirits by

A nod to the classic black velvet shandy, this beer cocktail uses Chinotto soda to play on the cola-like character of Flemish Reds and a dash of floral crème de violette.

Mexican-Style Paletas Cooking with Beer by

What’s better than an ice-cold beer on a hot summer day? A frozen beersicle. Start with an IPA, a Sour, a Porter or a Stout, add ripe fruit or cocoa nibs, maybe some coconut milk, cream, and a touch of sweetener, and you have Paletas.

Beer Cocktails Feature by

As innovations in craft beer yield new styles and ever-more complex flavor profiles, the most creative mixologists in the country have added beer to their palette, and the results are packed with inimitable flavors and textures.

Beer Pie Cooking with Beer by

Using the beer as an ingredient in the creation of these two pies was the goal. The result? Some of the best pie I have ever had.

Beer Crêpes: A Pancake By Any Other Name Cooking with Beer by

Crêpes can be served for breakfast, brunch, lunch, a dinner, dessert or a late-night snack after an evening at the bar. Beer only makes them better.

Tapas: Spanish Beer Food Cooking with Beer by

Tapas satisfy the craving to try multiple items and not have to eat a huge portion, work great with crowds, and the unique cuisine of Spain lends itself to beer pairings.