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July 2017 News: Nevada Expands Brewpub Limits, WarPigs Launches in Chicago, and Maltster Peter L. Simpson Dies at 43 News by

In a roundup of beer news, San Miguel to build first US brewery in Los Angeles; Nevada expands brewpub production limits and direct sales; WarPigs Brewing launches in Chicago; and “Humble Maltster” Peter L. Simpson dies at age 43.

How to Make Invocation, a Beer Cocktail with Irish Stout, Rye, and Chartreuse Kindred Spirits by

This beer cocktail combines rye whiskey and the herbal flavors of basil syrup and Chartreuse with the velvety, chocolate, and coffee notes of Gutshot Dry Irish Stout from Henderson, Nev.’s Bad Beat Brewing.

Amber Highways: Brewers Hit the Road in Search of Knowledge and New Opportunities Feature by

Taking time off to travel allows brewers to escape the comfort zone of their local brewing scene. Countless possibilities await those willing to expand their worldview for the sake of professional development, whether it’s a state or a continent away.

Where to Drink in Las Vegas, Nevada Destinations by

As a beer destination, Las Vegas is still in its adolescence, but despite some growing pains, there’s genuine enthusiasm across the city that is worth straying from the world-famous Strip to sample.

Beer News News by

Nevada brewery-in-planning works with city government to simplify regulations; BrewNH shines the spotlight on New Hampshire beer; craft beer loses two pioneering spirits; after fire, Minhas Brewery to come back strong; and German breweries fined in price-fixing collusion.

Aces & Ales in Las Vegas, Nevada Barkeep by

Aces & Ales is an oasis of sorts for people in the Capital of Second Chances looking to drink something beyond mass-produced macrobrews. And as Las Vegas’ craft scene has grown to four main breweries, Aces & Ales has been there to support them.

Brewing with Cheatgrass Zymology by

While out one day surveying invasive cheatgrass fields in Nevada, USDA scientist Tye Morgan thought about the weed’s potential as a brewing grain.

Where There’s Water, Beer Can Flow Brick & Mortar by

Arthur Farley considered this relationship between water and beer while scouting a location for his Brasserie St. James brewpub in Reno, Nev. He decided on the old Crystal Springs Water building in Midtown. The kicker? The artesian well 300 feet below the building.

Reno, Nevada Destinations by

In the wake of the declining tourism economy, the Biggest Little City is redefining itself and one element that’s been pivotal in Reno’s renaissance, unsurprisingly, is craft beer. From retail to bars, dinners to fests, and especially in online communities, Reno is awash in good beer like it’s never been before.

Vegas, Baby Destinations by

In this desert wasteland, there are evangelists spreading the gospel of good beer to the darkest corners of Sin City. So read up, and when business (or a bachelor party) comes calling, you’ll be ready.