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The Personal Trainer: Cicerone Content Director Pat Fahey Will Work For Beer by

As content director, Pat Fahey applied his background in chemistry and academia to expand Cicerone’s reputation as a beer education authority.

Beer News News by

Cicerone program adds advanced level; author Fred Eckhardt dies at 89; New Belgium names Perich as new CEO; and Inc. 5000 List includes nine breweries.

Profiles in Beer Feature by

Join us in our annual nod to those who help make beer more than just another beverage with buzz. Raise your glass and holla “Cheers!” to these badass beer advocates.

Brew Your Own Beer! Feature by

Online resources to help you homebrew, required reading for proper beer research, and tips to get your brew from the kitchen to the winner’s circle.

Beer News News by

What’s new in beer, from the craft side of Molson Coors to the future of the Chinese beer market.

Brown Ale: Overdue Props for an Oft-Forgotten Standby Style Profile by

Admit it, you probably wish Brown Ale was something “better”—stronger, more assertive, different.

Beer News News by

PBR on NPR? What the Hell? Pabst Blue Ribbon’s unexpected resurgence has been fueled by the thrifty, kitsch-loving habits of urban hipsters. So what’s the brand doing by courting its drinkers’ parents?