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Finding Clarity in 2021: Beer Trends & Predictions Beer Smack by

The beer community will seek and find clarity as it emerges with lessons learned from its most challenging year in recent history.

The Lost Abbey’s Track #8 Beer Reviews by

Despite its high alcohol, Track #8 is an insanely drinkable beast of a beer that’s been tamed for your enjoyment.

The Age of Agave The Business of Beer by

Adventurous brewers are now setting their sights on a relatively unexplored aging vessel: the tequila barrel. Will they be a short-lived novelty, a reaction to the bourbon derivatives crowding the market, or are tequila barrel-aged beers what’s next in wood?

Beer News News by

Craft New York Act Eases Regulations; Port Brewing and Lost Abbey Debut New Line; US Brewers Win at European Beer Star Awards; and Australian Breweries Request Fair Trade Investigation.

Tomme Arthur, Co-founder, The Lost Abbey and Port Brewing Last Call by

In a 2008 Last Call column Tomme Arthur condemned eBay’s alcohol sales policy, which prohibits private sales of all alcohol—except beer. Efforts by Arthur have resulted in eBay removing several beers from auction, but not all of them.

Beer News News by

Nonprofit pub to open in Oregon; two more defunct beer brands revived; Pabst launches interactive marketing campaign to promote Rainier Brewery; Lost Abbey crashes Lost Abbey tasting party; super PAC to foster change by funding happy hours.

Track #2 by The Lost Abbey Label Approval by

The label design for Track #2 was created for the brewery’s series of beers inspired by rock anthems. The label started with Tomme Arthur’s idea to depict “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” by Guns N’ Roses, but morphed into Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven.”

Native Cultures: Experiments in Spontaneous Fermentation Feature by

Allagash’s Rob Tod recalls visiting spontaneous Belgian breweries with a group of American brewers, and wondering whether their techniques could be imported to the US.

Beer News News by

“Organic” brews to require organic hops; Odin’s Smoky Bacon Ale sizzles in Seattle; Beer bikes banned from German roads; and Lost Abbey Witches Wit label conjures controversy.

Fuck eBay Last Call by

Tomme Arthur of Lost Abbey and Port Brewing takes eBay to task for their underhanded auctioning of craft beer.

San Diego: Beyond the Pale (Ales) Destinations by

San Diego’s brewers played an integral role in the resurgence of India Pale Ales in America, and they practically invented the Double IPA.

Tomme Arthur of The Lost Abbey Going Pro by

How do you celebrate fifteen Great American Beer Festival medals and back-to-back GABF Small Brewery Brewer of the Year nods? You open up a new brewing and bottling plant, and start distribution of two new lines of beer.