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For Retailers and Consumers, Variety Wins News by

As craft beer’s influence in convenience and larger chain stores grows, so has the availability of variety packs. In 2014, variety packs were up 21 percent by volume in retail sales.

Private Equity Firm Invests in Uinta Brewing News by

Uinta Brewing has received a major investment from The Riverside Company, a private equity firm. Uinta founder Will Hamill will remain on as CEO.

Crafty Cameos: Beer Brands Make Appearances in Film and Television Feature by

The shift to seeing a bottle of Lagunitas Pils in a John Mayer music video or Woody Allen movie (both of which have recently happened) is as organic a move as the industry’s growth itself.

Cockeyed Cooper by Unita Label Approval by

Coming up on its 20th anniversary, Uinta decided it needed a makeover. So between 2010 and 2011, they turned to local artists to redesign their logo and labels.

Will Hamill of Uinta Brewing Company Going Pro by

Will Hamill has one foot in each faction of the craft brewing community. He built Uinta Brewing Company on the strength of solid, approachable session beers, and he’s also cranking out giant specialty recipes.