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Winter Beer Stollen Cooking with Beer by

Modify a recipe for stollen, a traditional German holiday bread, with ingredients like raisins soaked in rum barrel-aged Stout or Eisbock-soaked dried fruit.

Hopped Strawberry Shortcake with Witbier Curd Cooking with Beer by

Barley flour, hopped strawberries, and Witbier curd boost the flavor in strawberry shortcake without sacrificing the classic dessert’s nostalgia factor.

Fisherman’s Pie Infused with Irish Red Ale Cooking with Beer by

Irish Red Ale’s caramel malts and grassy hop undertones add history and heritage to a Fisherman’s Pie layered with beer-poached seafood and mashed potatoes.

Baking with Beer: Orange Marmalade and Persimmon Spiced Ale Cakes Cooking with Beer by

Winter is full of many gatherings that call for celebration, so why not bake a beer cake? These seasonally inspired recipes will bring surprising, beer-inspired flavor combinations to any holiday feast, New Year’s Eve party, or even a bottle share.

Marley Rall: The Brewer’s Baker Will Work For Beer by

Marley Rall opened The Brewmaster’s Bakery and Taproom to serve beer from Seattle-area breweries alongside baked goods she makes with their spent grain.

A Tropical Thanksgiving: Hawaiian-Style Beer-Brined Turkey Cooking with Beer by

Ingredients like pineapple, ginger, and coconut play off the tropical flavors contributed by new-school hops in this Hawaiian island-inspired Thanksgiving feast.

Coffee Milk Stout Custard Cake Cooking with Beer by

This dessert is one of a kind. The top layer has the look and texture of a brownie, the inside has the mouthfeel of a moist cake and the bottom is rich and creamy, much like a thick custard or pudding.

Let Them Drink Cake Innovation by

Like soups, sauces and bread, beer in cake is a classic combination—its flavor adds depth to many cake recipes. The dry cake mixes from PubCakes are designed to be simple enough for anyone to make their own beer-infused cake or batch of cupcakes.

Linzer Torte: 4 Variations Made with Bock Cooking with Beer by

Four variations of the traditional Austrian dessert, the Linzer Torte, incorporate an Eisbock, a Doppelbock, a Weizenbock and a Bock with fruits like apricots, cherries, figs, and prunes.

Irish Stout-Inspired Desserts Cooking with Beer by

These three base recipes—Chocolate Irish Stout Cake, Bailey’s Irish Cream Pastry Cream and a Smoked Salted Caramel Sauce with Irish Whiskey—can be used interchangeably to create a multitude of dessert options.

Argentinean Empanadas Cooking with Beer by

To bring out more richness in the empanada dough, which will add balance to the filling ingredients, use a malt-forward beer style like bock, Brown Ale, Scotch Ale or Märzen.

Middle Eastern Beer Cuisine Cooking with Beer by

Middle Eastern dishes are enjoyable in hot weather, perfect for the late summer months. Most of these recipes can be made in advance, pulled out at a moment’s notice, or packed up and brought to the beach, the park or a gathering with friends.

Mediterranean Beer Cuisine Cooking with Beer by

Mediterranean cuisine is full of bright and bold flavors: lemon, garlic, herbs, yogurt, beans, grains and vegetables. These diverse regional ingredients pair exceptionally well with hoppy beers, which enhance those herbal Mediterranean flavors.

Liquid Bread, Meet the Bagel Cooking with Beer by

Before bagels became a breakfast staple across the world, they were a classic snack in Polish cuisine. The versatility of the bagel means it can work as a light meal, the bookends of a hearty sandwich—or, in this case, a beer-infused tribute to complex carbs.

Pierogi à la Bière Cuisine Cooking with Beer by

Pierogies are a Slavic-style dumpling. The simple dough has no yeast and can be complemented with savory or sweet filling. These bite-sized treats can be enjoyed as an appetizer or a wonderful dessert.

Thanksgiving Dessert Reimagined: Barleywine Pumpkin Pie Cooking with Beer by

What would Thanksgiving be without pumpkin pie? Here, a bourbon pie crust adds complexity, while mixing crème fraîche with an English-style Barleywine adds a touch of sweet and sour to the pumpkin.

Beer Strudel: Sweet, Savory, and Super Tasty Cooking with Beer by

When made with beer, a strudel’s tender, flaky and super-tasty dough can become a wonderful meal. There are endless combinations of fillings and flavors that can be tried, but here are two recipes to try during Oktoberfest.

Gingerbread Oatmeal Stout Coffeecake and Noël Bread Cooking with Beer by

Noël Bread and Gingerbread Oatmeal Stout Coffeecake, two easy-to-bake breakfast treats will delight one and all, maybe even becoming one of your family’s holiday traditions.

The Recursive Staff of Life BYOB by

It’s clear from history that beer and bread, brewing and baking, have always been intimately connected. Old-World recipes for beer-making combined fresh grain with crumbled loaves of dense storage bread, like the Sumerian bappir. The beer we’re using is made with the bread we’re baking.

Beer Pie Cooking with Beer by

Using the beer as an ingredient in the creation of these two pies was the goal. The result? Some of the best pie I have ever had.

Turning Cupcakes into Pubcakes Cooking with Beer by

I started playing around with cupcakes and, of course, adding beer spins to some nostalgic flavors. It was then that I actually started to understand the excitement.

Enhancing Winter Desserts with Beer Cooking with Beer by

As holiday gatherings with friends and family abound, ’tis the season for entertaining—and that means cooking. These three desserts can all be made ahead of time, present well, and will be talked about as favorites for years.

Brats Gone Wild: Oktoberfest Sausage 2 Ways Cooking with Beer by

Bratwurst is a beautiful thing when prepared correctly. It’s the perfect one-handed meal: a good, chewy roll coated with mustard, filled with a meaty yet juicy sausage, and topped with beer-braised sweet onions and peppers.

Late Summer Bounty: 3 Fruity Desserts with Beer Cooking with Beer by

Summer markets are full of wonderful ripe fruits that are perfect for fresh, seasonal desserts, making this season the perfect opportunity to think about which styles of beers will enhance what Mother Nature has created.