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Tyler Jones, Head Brewer, Black Hog Brewing Co. Going Pro by

At Connecticut’s Black Hog Brewing Co., Tyler Jones brews creative twists on classic styles with experimental hops, farm-fresh produce, and adjuncts like ginger, sage, and rosemary.

The Outer Space in Hamden, Connecticut Barkeep by

Made up of a cozy wooden bar area with some adjacent tables, a small back patio, a swanky retro lounge, and a ballroom area for the music, The Outer Space hosts acts most days of the week.

Ghost Pigeon Porter by New England Brewing Label Approval by

Though straightforward, the Ghost Pigeon Porter label’s humor lies in the details. Take the eyes—too small or large, and they weren’t funny.

Aaren Simoncini of The Beer’d Brewing Company Going Pro by

Aaren Simoncini launched the Beer’d Brewing Company as a vehicle for delivering fresh, creative, and locally brewed beers to his corner of southeastern Connecticut. Exponential growth has led to Beer’d growing deeper, not wider.

Phil Markowski of Two Roads Brewing Co. Going Pro by

The old brick factory in Stratford, Conn., where Phil Markowski launched Two Roads Brewing Company is a symbol of breathing new life into an old manufacturing facility. But it’s also a metaphor for their approach to brewing.

New Haven & Southern Connecticut Destinations by

It wasn’t until May 2012 that Connecticut liquor stores could open on Sunday. It’s a no-brainer victory, but also a sign of the changes that have come to the state’s growing palate for good libations.

Beer News News by

Genesee beer sign illuminates community once more; Funkwerks brew stirs ire of indigenous New Zealanders; Massachusetts ABCC withdraws troublesome farmer-brewer decision; and lager’s missing link discovered in Patagonia.

Beer News News by

What’s new in beer, from the crowning of Wynkoop’s beer drinker of the year to the passing of historian Alan Eames.