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Where to Drink in Huntsville, Alabama Destinations by

Despite being in the second to last state to legalize homebrewing, Huntsville’s long history with beer eventually prevailed, and today local taps pour a variety of locally born brews.

Beer News News by

New regulations proposed at Alabama breweries; ancient tablet shows Mesopotamian workers paid with beer; The Beer Museum debuts in Austin; and St. Louis Brewery wins dispute over “Schlafly” trademark.

The J. Clyde in Birmingham, Alabama Barkeep by

Tucked down a narrow, cobbled street in Birmingham, Ala., The J. Clyde’s diamond-paned windows, stone walls and beamed ceiling give it the vibe of an English pub.

Jason Malone of Good People Brewing Company Going Pro by

When Good People first launched in Birmingham, Ala., in 2008, the brewery was somewhat constrained—by Alabama’s legal restrictions on brewing, and by what they thought the market could handle. But things are changing.

Beer News News by

Dogfish Head, Great Divide, Avery and Allagash pull back on distribution; Flying Dog files suit against the Michigan State Liquor Control Commission; and Free the Hops calls for a boycott of all products offered by ABI’s distributors.

Boycotting Craft Beer Beer Smack by

Recent boycott trends target the big breweries of the world and anyone who deals with them. Should consumers punish companies that deal with large breweries, even if these same companies support craft beer, too?

Good People From the Source by

Don’t expect to see Good People far from the source, as Malone and his partners are dedicated to taking care of their local community before they even consider expanding.

What Have You Done for Beer Lately? Feature by

Alabama politics will change for the better because the struggle that Free The Hops has had in reforming the beer laws has gotten people involved.

Free the Hops in Alabama Advocate This by

’Bama’s not only one of four states in the US that still has an alcohol-content cap on beer, but it’s also the only state with a beer-container limit.