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Charm City Rising: Baltimore’s Urban Brewing Renaissance Feature by

Baltimore once had a flourishing beer economy thanks in part to an influx of German and Eastern European immigrants. By the end of 1899, it was home to more than 40 breweries. Competition beginning in the 1950s steadily decreased this number until Hugh Sisson opened the state’s first brewpub in 1989.

Hugh Sisson, Founder and Owner, Clipper City Brewing Co. Last Call by

Hugh Sisson has a lot on his mind: the growler bill he just passed through the Maryland Legislature, the 550 firkins sitting in his brewery and his robust (and expensive) barrel-aging program—not to mention his recent brand makeover.

Holy Water: What Do Craft Beer and Born-Again Christianity Have in Common? Feature by

Beer and religion have walked hand in hand for thousands of years, from ritualistic brewing in ancient Turkey to the Trappist monasteries of Belgium. And just like born-again Christianity rose from the ashes of burned-out spiritual lives, so did craft emerge from a beer culture that had pretty much dried up.

Baltimore Destinations by

A great, friendly city with a strange but refreshing mix of Southern attitudes and blue-collar, Northern atmosphere. It’s compact, walkable and full of stellar places to enjoy a drink.

Three Threads Three Threads by

Bill Covaleski, Nico Freccia and Hugh Sisson share their thoughts on city “beer weeks.”

Hugh Sisson of Clipper City Brewing Company Going Pro by

Hugh Sisson has been hawking good beer for nearly 30 years now. In the last few of those, he’s finally made Clipper City into the brewery he always envisioned it to be—Great American Beer Fest gold medals and all.

Extremely Boring: Unimpressed by the Latest 47 Percent, 180 IBU Monsters, Brewers Say No to Going Extreme Feature by

The beer with the most hop flavor, the most smoke flavor, the most alcohol, is the one that gets attention in the US market.