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Chris Tkach, Founder and Head Brewer, Idle Hands Craft Ales Last Call by

The warehouse where Idle Hands Craft Ales, Chris and Grace Tkach’s Belgian-focused brewery, has been housed since its opening in 2011 will be razed to make way for Wynn Casinos Everett. They plan to reopen bigger and better.

Planes, Trains & Collaboration Brews: International Collaborations Celebrate Global Beer Culture Feature by

The ambition of international collaboration brewing is to bring together brewers—and their different approaches—in an environment where they can share and learn, and build something that is perhaps greater than the sum of its parts.

Beer News News by

Brew Hub’s first brewery partners look forward; New York City’s beer industry angered over suggested beer tax increase; two Massachusetts nanobrewers join forces; Hindu advocate criticizes Asheville Brewing over Shiva IPA; and Maine breweries join Brewers for Clean Water.

Riding Billboards: Beer and Cycling Cultures Draft Picks by

Breweries who go ahead with designing and selling their own jerseys have had success with a targeted audience. Many craft drinkers are cyclists, runners and outdoor enthusiasts.