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Abnormal Beer Company’s Boss Pour and Mocha Stout Beer Reviews by

Boss Pour checks all of the West Coast IPA boxes, while Mocha Stout—made with local coffee—drops plenty of roastiness, baker’s chocolate, bitter cacao nibs, espresso beans, cola, and dark cherries onto the palate.

The Changing Fortunes of Milk Stout History by the Glass by

How a 1911 court case against a South London brewery producing Milk Stout without a license cemented the style’s definition as a beer brewed with lactose.

Milk Stout: Innovative, Energizing, and Nutritious? History by the Glass by

How Mackeson, a provincial brewery on the south coast of England, patented a lactose-based formula in 1909 and created the Milk Stout.

Tim Eichinger, Co-Founder and Brewer, Black Husky Brewing Going Pro by

The Eichingers launched Black Husky out of their rural Wisconsin cabin in 2010, with every beer a nod to a member of their former sled dog teams.

Drew Fox of 18th Street Brewery Going Pro by

Three years after opening in Gary, Ind., across the Indiana state line from Chicago, 18th Street Brewery has torched any skeptics with founder Drew Fox’s hard-charging, heavy metal brand of brewing.

Irish Iced Latte Kindred Spirits by

The Irish Iced Latte, made with a Milk Stout, has the bold whiskey backbone of an Irish coffee, the elegance of a milk punch, and the playful, foamy mouthfeel of a Smith and Curran.

Coffee Milk Stout Custard Cake Cooking with Beer by

This dessert is one of a kind. The top layer has the look and texture of a brownie, the inside has the mouthfeel of a moist cake and the bottom is rich and creamy, much like a thick custard or pudding.

The Victory Lap BYOB by

This month, we track an entry from a BeerAdvocate member through the 2013 Doug King Memorial Competition. In the middle of my panel appeared Ward’s Vanilla Chai Strong Milk Stout. It was rich, sweet and chocolaty with enough spice to balance a lactose-enhanced body.

Remembrance of Things Past BYOB by

Infusing brews with a story and meaning is great fun and adds texture to the homebrewing process, but sometimes, the memoriam hits a little too close to home.

Milk / Sweet Stout: Not Quite What the Doctor Ordered Style Profile by

Creamy and wholesome and chocolaty as that glass of Nesquik you used to dunk your Oreos into, Milk Stout—aka Cream Stout or Sweet Stout—seemingly comes straight from the dairy.

Paul Philippon of Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery Going Pro by

The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery celebrates its fourth birthday this August. That’s four years of plying the Southeast with dark, full-bodied, flavorful beers—and proving the cynics wrong.