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Tag: Pumpkin Ale

Homemade Marshmallows with Pumpkin Ale Cooking with Beer by

From hot chocolate to sweet potato casserole, fluffy marshmallows made with pumpkin ale add a festive touch to a multitude of holiday dishes.

Liquid Cornucopia: Brewers Turn to the Garden for Ingredients and Inspiration Feature by

Once primarily restricted to the pumpkin ales stacked high in supermarket aisles every fall, beers brewed with vegetables have become more widespread—and more adventurous.

All Hallows’ Beer Party-Gyle by

Whether you love or hate Halloween, you’re doubtless going to be asked to participate in some way. Anyone can find something to like about the holiday, no matter how opposed you may think you are. Here’s a party formula that no one can resist: fun, scary movies and very good beer.

Beer Caramels Cooking with Beer by

This caramel recipe takes a candy idea, adds beer, some salt, and other sophisticated flavors, while preserving the nostalgic childhood excitement of unwrapping those cellophane Brach’s caramels on Halloween night.

The Great Pumpkin Party Party-Gyle by

Here’s a solution for the skeptical fall pumpkin beer party-pooper. Host a soirée with a handful of craft pumpkin brews. Cook up a variety of dishes that focus on just that winter squash, and have some other fun, seasonal activities to pair it all with.

Converting the Wicked BYOB by

Today, my sister’s craft beer conversion is complete. A request recently came across the wire—help her design a Pumpkin Ale (another favorite) that she could brew.

Let Them Eat Cake (With Beer) Cooking with Beer by

The fall harvest brings apples, hard squashes, and full-flavored brews like Imperial Porters, Barleywines, and pumpkin beers. To celebrate these offerings, try one of two cake recipes that are simple in nature, yet add an elegant touch to any evening.

Pumpkin Ale: America’s Oktoberfestbier Style Profile by

A look at the origins and resurgence of Pumpkin Ale, as the spiced seasonal beer returns to shelves once again.

Pumpkin Beer: An Absolutely Smashing Seasonal BYOB by

Just as leaves fall from trees every autumn, beer enthusiasts drop everything for pumpkin ales. To celebrate the cornucopia of harvest, we’ll look at how to brew typical and atypical examples of the style.