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John Cochran, Terrapin Co-Founder, on his Asheville Brewpub UpCountry and Beer’s Localized Future Last Call by

For an industry veteran who wanted to run a smaller, neighborhood brewpub, the friendlier laws in North Carolina were a huge incentive for the Terrapin co-founder to launch UpCountry Brewery in Asheville.

As Fresh Hop Beers Multiply, So Does Experimentation News by

As access to fresh hops expands, breweries celebrate the ingredient in new ways, from hop harvest festivals to new ways of extracting wet hop flavors in seasonal beers.

Bean to Beer: Brewers and Chocolate Makers Join Together in Pursuit of Flavor The Business of Beer by

Craft brewers have begun to realize that a new breed of artisan can help them explore chocolate’s diverse range of flavor profiles.

Tree Hugger Ale by Terrapin Beer Company Label Approval by

The anthropomorphic terrapins on Terrapin’s labels aren’t a rip-off of Grateful Dead imagery; artist Richard Biffle actually designed album covers and merch for the Grateful Dead, the Dead, Jeff Beck, Santana and The Black Crowes, among others.

Beer News News by

Ichabod Pumpkin Ale causes trademark dispute; Miller-Coors buys minority stake in Terrapin Brewing; Pakistan may begin exporting beer; Wells & Young’s acquires McEwan’s and Younger’s; and Smuttynose moves forward with expansion plans.

Brian “Spike” Buckowski of Terrapin Beer Company Going Pro by

Just six months after their launch, Terrapin struck gold at the 2002 Great American Beer Festival: The only beer in their line, Rye Pale Ale, bested 92 other beers and took the gold medal as the country’s best American Pale Ale.