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Fresh From the Can: Cranberry Beers and Ciders for the Holiday Table Food & Drink by

Whether you’re looking for something different to pair with beef brisket or need a companion for that slice of apple pie, make room for these cranberry beers and ciders at your holiday meal. 

A Tropical Thanksgiving: Hawaiian-Style Beer-Brined Turkey Cooking with Beer by

Ingredients like pineapple, ginger, and coconut play off the tropical flavors contributed by new-school hops in this Hawaiian island-inspired Thanksgiving feast.

Holiday Goose with Dried Cherry Quadrupel Sauce Cooking with Beer by

The rich meaty flavor of goose is well complemented by dried fruits like cherries, figs, and apricots. A Belgian-style Quadrupel mimics these flavors and the poultry benefits from using a beer injection to infuse flavor deep into the meat—marinating it from the inside out.

Oaxacan-Style Thanksgiving with Help from Brown Ale Cooking with Beer by

Oaxacan cuisine abounds with chilies, chocolate and other flavors. These two recipes takes advantage of Brown Ale’s melanoidin-rich malt bill to enhance the flavors from this Mexican region.

Thanksgiving, Craft Beer Style Cooking with Beer by

Each year, we take all that Mother Nature has to offer to decorate the dining table with a bountiful fall feast. The recipes this month bring together food and libation to create incredible flavors that will complement your Thanksgiving holiday traditions.

Thanksgiving Dessert Reimagined: Barleywine Pumpkin Pie Cooking with Beer by

What would Thanksgiving be without pumpkin pie? Here, a bourbon pie crust adds complexity, while mixing crème fraîche with an English-style Barleywine adds a touch of sweet and sour to the pumpkin.

Homebrew for the Holidays Party-Gyle by

If you’re in the mood to re-create what Thanksgiving might have been like in its earliest years, you could try your hand at making your own beer to share with friends and family, and to have a toast with when the last Thursday of November rolls around.

Giving Thanks for Beer Cooking with Beer by

Create a Belgian-inspired Thanksgiving with four dishes that play with traditional flavors but inject a dose of the Flemish countryside to accentuate other flavor attributes.

Thanksgiving Halfway Around the World Cooking with Beer by

These international twists on Turkey Day staples include a pistachio and Apricot Ale couscous stuffing and an orange enoki mushroom sauce made with Tripel.

Thanksgiving South of the Border Cooking with Beer by

What if Captain Christopher Jones and his crew had Thanksgiving in Mexico verses Plymouth Rock? What flavors would be expressed and what ingredients would have been used for what is now a traditional American holiday?

Don’t Compromise Your Beer this Holiday Season Beer Smack by

Impress the hell out of everyone when you whip out bottles of intriguing beer, reel off brief explanations of what they are and share your liquid bread at the table. Fortify the ancestral tradition of feasting by complementing the food with beer.

Giving Thanks to Your Local Brewers Cooking with Beer by

Celebrate Thanksgiving with a turducken, bière à la cuisine style.

Give That Turkey A Brew! Cooking with Beer by

Are you tired of dry turkey? Is the canned cranberry sauce not what it used to be? Bored with the store-bought cheesecake? Here are some updated classic recipes, perfect for the homebrewer, beer connoisseur and everyday foodie.