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Kurt Widmer, Co-founder of Widmer Brothers Brewing Last Call by

From wrapping fermentors in electric blankets, to seeing Widmer Brothers distributed in all 50 states, Widmer has come a long way in the brewery’s 32 years.

Voices for Change: Balancing the Needs of Diverse Members, Brewers Guilds Strive to be Inclusive and Effective Feature by

Brewers guilds must educate, protect and promote. It’s taken the craft brewing industry some 35 years to be able to produce 12 percent of the beer bought in America. No one accomplished that feat alone. There is strength in numbers.

Expanding the Brotherhood of Beer Unfiltered by

For craft beer drinkers occasionally interested in looking beyond the IPA horizon, cider and gluten-free beers offer a refreshing chance to experience both new and growing beverage categories.

“Craft Brewer” Just Got Bigger Beer Smack by

For us, a craft brewer is like obscenity. No one needs to strictly define it for us. We’ll know a craft brewer when we meet one and try his or her beers.

Beer News News by

Hello “Anheuser-Busch InBev;” Pabst mocks Philly’s murals; “beer” loses some of its buzz; Redhook & Widmer Merge; and Ontarians call for an end to beer duopoly.

Beer News News by

Grolsch swings to SABMiller, Widmer and Redhook to merge, Canadians’ outdated beer fridges, “Dublin Beer Bandit” at large, and a new beer allegedly reaches 20 percent ABV.

Craft Camaraderie Last Call by

The current definition of “craft beer” lacks solidarity.

Beer Wares Wares by

Online beer games, a semi-eco-friendly fashion statement, and a historical tome of brewing knowledge.

Portland, Oregon Destinations by

Key places to hit as you drink your way through Portland, Oregon.