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Baking with Beer: Orange Marmalade and Persimmon Spiced Ale Cakes Cooking with Beer by

Winter is full of many gatherings that call for celebration, so why not bake a beer cake? These seasonally inspired recipes will bring surprising, beer-inspired flavor combinations to any holiday feast, New Year’s Eve party, or even a bottle share.

Winter is Coming: Homebrewing an Old Burton Ale BYOB by

For a boozy Winter Warmer that’s ready to drink in time for the coldest weather, brew this “Old Burtonish Ale” now.

Chiberian Warmer by Arcade Brewery Label Approval by

For Arcade Brewery’s quarterly Public Brew series, the community creates the name and label design for a seasonal beer.

Christmas Puddings à la Bière Cuisine Cooking with Beer by

In these holiday pudding recipes, Imperial Stout enhances the flavors of dried fruit in a Medieval English-style figgy pudding, while a Winter Warmer adds notes of malt, toffee, and caramel to traditional tapioca.

Holiday Ham Cooking with Beer by

A recipe and the instructions to make your own house-cured ham, with Deschutes Jubelale or another Winter Warmer style beer.

Giving Thanks for Beer Cooking with Beer by

Create a Belgian-inspired Thanksgiving with four dishes that play with traditional flavors but inject a dose of the Flemish countryside to accentuate other flavor attributes.

Holiday Ale Panna Cotta Cooking with Beer by

Often a heavy dessert is the dish that puts you over the proverbial edge. However, a few bites of this panna cotta, with its full flavors coming from a Holiday Ale, will tease the tongue and satisfy the already full stomach.

Winter Warmer: Spice It Up, Spice It Down Style Profile by

Spiced holiday brews have a long, flavorful history. Rather than a perversion, Spiced Ale is the original beer.

Warming Old Man Winter’s Bones BYOB by

Throw off the shackles of summer’s cruel heat and prepare for the snow at the same time by getting a start with a rich Winter Warmer-style Old Ale.