BeerAdvocate magazine #48

“Craft Brewer” Just Got Bigger Beer Smack by

For us, a craft brewer is like obscenity. No one needs to strictly define it for us. We’ll know a craft brewer when we meet one and try his or her beers.

Beer News News by

Anhesuser-Busch sues Major League Baseball; Brewery Ommegang teams with activists to achieve gas-drilling moratorium; and Moonshot banned in wake of caffeinated-beverage probe.

I Don’t Do Denial The Politics of Beer by

Some of the world’s largest brewery companies appear relaxed about their falling sales in established markets because of increasing sales in emerging ones. The trifling fact that even big brands are showing signs of implosion is an inconvenient truth, best left unmentioned. It is just “fluctuations.”

Surviving the Daily Grind BYOB by

Just how fine can you go with your crush? The internet’s general rule of thumb says, “Crush until you’re scared and then crush a little more.” In reality, you don’t have to shoot for the maximum efficiency from your crush. Most mills’ default settings work like a charm.

Will Hamill of Uinta Brewing Company Going Pro by

Will Hamill has one foot in each faction of the craft brewing community. He built Uinta Brewing Company on the strength of solid, approachable session beers, and he’s also cranking out giant specialty recipes.

Malt Liquor: The Definition of a Cheap Buzz Style Profile by

Craft beer, this is not. Yet, there is a certain fascination with malt liquor among some craft brewers.

A “Designated Dryer” for Growlers Innovation by

One of the glories of the growler is that you can reuse it, making it not only a cost-effective vessel, but also a pretty darn environmentally friendly one, too. But there’s one downside to the typical growler: cleaning and drying.

Beer Crêpes: A Pancake By Any Other Name Cooking with Beer by

Crêpes can be served for breakfast, brunch, lunch, a dinner, dessert or a late-night snack after an evening at the bar. Beer only makes them better.

Epic Ales From the Source by

However a brewer chooses to describe his beer, he probably won’t use the word “umami” … unless that brewer is Cody Morris. The man behind Seattle’s Epic Ales is more interested in pushing the boundaries of what beer can bring to the dinner table rather than brewing to traditional styles and expectations.

The People Have Spoken Feature by

May these lists enhance your beer experience by challenging you to always seek out the good stuff and review along the way. Cheers!

Boise Destinations by

Boise bars eagerly stock the biggest, most fragrant beers that Oregon and Washington can pump out. And its homegrown breweries are following that brewing tradition to great effect. Come see for yourself.

The Age of Enlightenment! Last Call by

Ben Howe of Enlightenment Ales thinks the new generation of craft brewers should challenge the assumptions of drinkers and brewers alike.