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Jeff Griffith of Fate Brewing Company Going Pro by

Jeff Griffith, head brewer at Fate Brewing Company in Boulder, Colo., cranks out everything from classic Belgian and German styles to experimental IPAs, tequila barrel-aged sours, and coffee-infused hop bombs.

Where to Drink in Boulder, Colorado Destinations by

Roughly 15 breweries have opened in the past eight years within Boulder’s city limits. So, rent a bike, grab your GPS, and immerse yourself in some of the best beer that Colorado has to offer.

Ghost Face Killah by Twisted Pine Label Approval by

All of that Scoville imagery on the label serves as a semi-serious warning of the insane heat level in Twisted Pine’s Ghost Face Killah, the world’s spiciest beer.

Mountain Sun From the Source by

In 17 years of operation, Mountain Sun has evolved into a spot where regulars and tourists alike congregate to see local bands play for free, where groups of friends can meet to catch up on the details of the week and where individuals can come burn off stress after a hard day’s work.

The Message is in Your Hand Last Call by

David Zuckerman of Boulder Beer shares his love for the message that cuts through marketing campaigns: quality beer.

Denver / Boulder Destinations by

In many ways, the Denver/Boulder region is the capital of the modern craft brewing renaissance. Whether in their kitchens or their brewhouses, the brewers of the area have been pushing craft beer forward for more than three decades.

David Zuckerman of Boulder Beer Company Going Pro by

David Zuckerman has seen Boulder Beer Co. grow from a brewery on the brink of the abyss to a robust company enjoying double-digit growth and a distribution presence in 25 states.

Adam Avery of Avery Brewing Company Going Pro by

“I make beers that I want to drink. That’s the bottom line,” Avery says. “I love our IPA because I made the IPA for me—that’s the style of IPA I like. I always say: I’m making the beer for me; I’m just making a little extra for everybody else.”