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A Theory of Evolution: The Future of Global Beer Unfiltered by

It’s been a year of intrigue and plot twists—multimillion dollar deals begat billion dollar deals, while a half-dozen or more transactions constantly swirl in the rumor mill.

From the Balcony: Previewing the Next Chapter in the Beer Industry’s Business Saga Feature by

A look at the beer industry post-2015, the year that Big Beer acquired successful craft breweries left and right and infused mind-boggling amounts of money into the business. Their plan? Buy more shelf space.

Dizzying Prospects Unfiltered by

Many craft breweries are cults of personality. But when these icons eventually fade, we’re left with the next generation to think about, as the brewery must go on. Craft brewing has always been a business.

Beer News News by

American brewers win at European awards; wild hop variety makes commercial beer debut; SweetWater to build West Coast brewery; Wynkoop revives Beer Drinker of the Year awards; Bill Siebel passes away at 69; and Constellation Brands to acquire Ballast Point.

Beer News News by

Anheuser-Bush Acquires 10 Barrel Brewing; New App Aims to Catalog Every Beer in the US; Beer Bar Files Suit Against Florida Growler Ban; and Green Flash Brewing Acquires Alpine Beer Co.

Sellouts! Beer Smack by

Consolidation is a natural byproduct of a maturing industry. It’s an inevitable part of the life cycle in nearly every field of business. You don’t have to like it, but you’d better get used to it.

Beer News News by

Will Straub’s returnable bottles get canned?; Independent Brewers United acquired by North American Breweries; no Christmas this year for Goose Island; and Sierra Nevada teaming up with Trappist monks.

A-B InBev and I The Politics of Beer by

One problem with global and personal expansion is that each is based on an optimistic set of assumptions that perpetual growth is both realistic and beneficial.

The Changing Face of the Beer Industry Unfiltered by

Times are changing quickly in the American beer marketplace, and they’re not going to slow down anytime soon.