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Happily Single: The Satisfaction of Beer Monogamy Unfiltered by

No longer paralyzed by choice, there’s a freedom that comes from sitting at a bar with friends, hefting steins of the exact same beer for hours.

Europe’s “New” Americans: Beyond Stone and Brooklyn, American Brewers are Bringing New Brews to the Old World Feature by

If we overlook all the Americans who moved to Europe and started brewing American-inspired beers there, which already-existing American craft brewery will be the first to open its own European brewing facility?

Czech Beer Styles History by the Glass by

Every hue of IPA and dozens of Stout sub-types are recognized in style guidelines, but Czech beer is reduced to “Bohemian Pilsner,” a name that would leave a Czech drinker scratching his head. Meanwhile, the country is awash with an array of lager styles, more than anywhere else in the world.

Brevnovský Klášterní Pivovar Sv. Vojtecha From the Source by

Brevnovský Pivovar has an annual production of about 2,500 barrels. Most of that is its Pale Lager, but it also makes an Imperial Stout, a Baltic Porter and an IPA, all rarities in lager-loving central Europe. For the moment, however, none of the brewery’s beers are regularly exported out of the Czech Republic.

Winter Beer and Summer Beer History by the Glass by

No, Sommerbier and Winterbier are not seasonal specials. At least not in the sense you’re thinking. They’re two of the earliest lager styles, now almost completely forgotten, though traces of them remain.

Prague, Czech Republic Destinations by

Beneath a fairytale skyline of spires, domes and towers, a modern city of industry and commerce sits upon cobblestone streets and ancient bridges. Prague is a maddening riddle.

Much the Same, Thank You The Politics of Beer by

Modern Prague is not a bad experience. On the contrary, it is many times better than it used to be. But I am glad that I was young when I was, and saw different worlds from the one that has become familiar.

Beer News News by

Drummond Brewing returns to Alberta; Cigar City Brewing shares brewing concepts; Budweiser vs. Budějovický; Rogue saves the Dragon; All-cask brewery opens in Oregon.

Beer Wares Wares by

The beer gauge, glass tap handles, and a beer guide to the Czech Republic.

Bohemian Pilsner: Will the Real Pilsner Please Stand Up? Style Profile by

At its finest, Pilsner is a delicate, refreshing glass with a pure, flowery bouquet and a crisp finish.

Nine Great Beer Towns You Didn’t Know Were Great Beer Towns Feature by

Go beyond the mega-breweries and discover some lower-key destinations where beer is part and parcel of the local culture.