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Come Out From Behind Your Firewalls Unfiltered by

To be of value, constructive criticism must be offered in an identifiable manner, whether in person or online, not through protected and anonymous channels. It must be offered thoughtfully and sympathetically, in the spirit of a joint effort toward an improved experience.

Facebook Foul Beer Smack by

A business’ website should be the hub for all info. Social media should drive traffic to that hub, not be the hub. It should be an easy task for consumers to find information, not an unpaid part-time job.

Join the Discussion! Beer Smack by

We’ve heard from both consumers and brewers alike: “I don’t get involved in discussion because of all of the negativity.” And we think that sucks.

Website Could Become “Pandora of Beer” Innovation by

Pintley is similar to the Pandora and Netflix models, and is intended to encourage the ever-expanding palates of craft beer lovers.

Social Lubricant, Social Media: Good Beer and the Internet Feature by

The internet and social media have changed the way we connect with those who sell us the beer we love. Now we can actually communicate directly with them and tell them what we do and don’t like about what’s going on with their beer.

How to Lose Friends and Alienate the Industry Feature by

The complaints and expectations about beer are reaching whole new levels. And the snobbery and superiority factors among craft beer lovers over macro drinkers are becoming shameful and embarrassing.

Free Beer Innovation by

Brewers look to open source software for inspiration in creating shared beer recipes. Of course, homebrew may already be the ultimate “free beer.”