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Buzzed Cuts: Barbers Entice Customers by Offering Beer History & Culture by

From Washington to Tennessee, barbershops across the US that have embraced the relationship between local beer and the barber’s chair say the bond has proven to be a boon for their business.

Braxton Brewing Company: Investing in Kentucky’s Future From the Source by

Given its explosive growth, it’s no wonder that the city of Covington has embraced Braxton Brewing in a big way. The better story, however, is how Braxton has embraced Covington.

Braised Rabbit Tagliatelle: 3 Pairings Table Mates by

Chef Jason Ritchey of The Village Idiot in Lexington selects three beers to bring out different qualities in the popular winter dish Braised Rabbit Tagliatelle.

History in a Bottle Brick & Mortar by

Ed and Meagan Musselman bought an old Coke plant with plans to open community-focused businesses in the landmark property. It already houses a coffee-and-tea shop, and a restaurant is in the works, but the founding venture was the one foremost in Ed’s mind: Dry Ground Brewing Company.

Legislative Changes in Georgia and Kentucky News by

Georgia’s Senate Bill 63, more commonly known as the Beer Jobs Bill, passed the state Senate in early April. Meanwhile, Kentucky has banned breweries from self-distributing throughout the state, reversing a 1978 court decision permitting Anheuser-Busch to purchase a Louisville distributorship.

35K Milk Stout by Against the Grain Label Approval by

Against the Grain’s labels have been offending some and delighting others since the Louisville, Ky., brewpub opened in 2011.

Holy Grale in Louisville, Kentucky Barkeep by

In 2010, Lori Beck and Tyler Trotter transformed a former house of worship into Holy Grale, a bar and restaurant inspired by their trips to Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. The building’s prior use is still evident in its dark woods, hanging lanterns and arched windows.

Jerry Gnagy of Against the Grain Brewery and Smokehouse Going Pro by

When Jerry Gnagy was brewing for somebody else, he’d only brew the beers he really wanted to brew when those beers fit around an established production schedule. Gnagy flipped that equation upside-down when he opened Against the Grain, the Louisville, Ky., brewpub he co-founded two years ago.

Country Boy Brewing From the Source by

For anybody who still needs proof that beer brings people together, head to Lexington, Ky., and sit down at Country Boy Brewing’s bar. Grab a pint poured from one of their 24 taps. And chat with your neighbor, ask them what it’s like to be into craft beer in Lexington (here’s a hint: It’s getting better all the time).

Beer News News by

Homebrewers banned from pouring at St. Louis’ Heritage Beer Festival; Kentucky Brewers found a nonprofit guild; buy a round for friends anywhere with the BuddyBeers app; Breckenridge mulls options after growth plans squashed; and AB-InBev purchases Grupo Modelo.

Louisville Destinations by

When you throw high and low culture in a bag, douse it in bourbon and shake it around a bit, good things tend to come out. The city has vibrant arts and music scenes, and a level of comfort with folks on the fringes. All of which makes it a fine place to pause and tip back a pint.

Contract Brewing, Kentucky Craft, and Hop Sickness Ask the Beer Geek by

Alternating proprietorships; help, I’m almost 21 in Kentucky; and, are you as confused as me?