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Matt Cohen of Fiddlehead Brewing Company Going Pro by

Matt Cohen, the former head brewer at Magic Hat, opened the Fiddlehead Brewing Company just outside Burlington, Vt., in 2011.

The Name Game: Trademark Disputes Bubble Over in Craft Beer Feature by

As the number of new breweries—and new beers—continues to surge, trademark disputes aren’t going away. They’re a part of doing business, even when the business is beer.

Beer News News by

Study claims glassware shape affects drinking speed; White House releases homebrew recipes; North American Breweries reportedly for sale; Carlton & United learns not to mess with success; and Pennsylvania craft brew pioneer Tom Pastorius passes away.

Beer News News by

Stone’s Ales not cutting the mustard; Georgetown brewing changes brew’s name, logo; crew kidnapped while attempting to film commercial in Mexico; “Orange Girls” arrested for alleged World Cup guerilla marketing stunt.

Beer News News by

Possible Guinness relocation; InBev plans price hikes; Goose Island to close flagship pub; Denver’s first Mexican-style craft beers; Magic Hat to purchase Pyramid; and European beer drinking analyzed.

Vermont! Destinations by

Fuel Vermont’s famed hiking, golfing, boating and fishing activities with these local beer offerings.

Beer Rocks: The Organized Chaos of Brewers and Their Music Feature by

Both musicians and brewers express themselves as artists by putting a lot of themselves into their craft; be it a new Stout or a new song. It’s no huge surprise then, given these fundamental similarities, that many brewers are also musicians and many breweries have their own bands.