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Over the Rainbow? Why Queer Beer Is Important Advocate This by

It can’t be understated how important it is for the queer community to see themselves represented out in the world.

Cold Beer and Baseball: Two Words That Unite America’s Favorite Pastimes Feature by

Beer and baseball have been married for years now, and every game is a honeymoon.

Beer Can Speak Innovation by

While canned craft beer is an innovation in itself—at least here in the United States—another recent development in Japan might soon make canned beer popular within a group of individuals with special needs.

Light Beer, Residual Sugar, and Ale vs. Lager Ask the Beer Geek by

Don’t compromise taste; light means light; residual sugar in beer and wine; and laughably basic question answered vs. laughed at.

Glass Ceiling: The Quest for the Perfect Pint Hall of Fame by

Designed to shake martinis, the humdrum, standard-issue pint glass seems woefully inadequate as beer’s catch-all vessel. So Jim Koch hired a company to come up with a solution.