Swinkels Family Brewers


Burgmeester van den Heuvelstraat 35
Lieshout, 5737 BN

+31 (0)49 942 8111 | map

Notes: Formerly Bavaria Brewery
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
8.6 BlackLager - European Dark7.914.1311-22-2021
8.6 I.P.LIPA - American793.8205-08-2022
8.6 OriginalLager - European Strong8.653.1201-26-2022
AH Basic Premium LagerLager - European Pale582.6402-11-2019
Bavaria 0,0% RoséFruit and Field Beer0.0152.3102-01-2014
Bavaria 0.0 AppleLow-Alcohol Beer0112.7602-23-2022
Bavaria 0.0 CitroenLow-Alcohol Beer013.2505-17-2019
Bavaria 0.0 IPALow-Alcohol Beer032.812-20-2020
Bavaria 0.0 LemonLow-Alcohol Beer06304-17-2018
Bavaria 0.0 MexLow-Alcohol Beer012.0907-03-2018
Bavaria 0.0 RaspberryFruit and Field Beer012.906-17-2015
Bavaria 0.0%Low-Alcohol Beer0322.6802-23-2022
Bavaria 0.0% GoldLow-Alcohol Beer033.1308-29-2014
Bavaria 0.0% PeachLow-Alcohol Beer063.4609-05-2020
Bavaria 0.0% Pineapple MaltFruit and Field Beer023.2704-14-2018
Bavaria 0.0% PomegranateFruit and Field Beer043.7702-23-2022
Bavaria 0.0% StrawberryLow-Alcohol Beer033.9104-30-2018
Bavaria 0.0% WitLow-Alcohol Beer0203.6204-26-2022
Bavaria 3.3Lager - European Pale3.311.5906-08-2017
Bavaria 8.6 AbsintheHerb and Spice Beer8.6102.9403-02-2021
Bavaria 8.6 BlackLager - European Dark7.9133.2310-13-2019
Bavaria 8.6 ExtremeLager - European Strong10.5163.0603-13-2022
Bavaria 8.6 GoldLager - European Pale6.5182.7902-27-2019
Bavaria 8.6 OriginalLager - European Strong8.623.0402-24-2020
Bavaria 8.6 OriginalLager - European Strong7.91652.5702-18-2022
Bavaria 8.6 RedLager - European Strong7.9162.7204-22-2019
Bavaria BeerLager - European Pale5489305-08-2022
Bavaria BlondeLager - European Pale4.222.4806-25-2012
Bavaria Bok BierBock - Traditional6.5133.3711-16-2019
Bavaria Gluten FreeLager - European Pale513.2507-05-2019
Bavaria Grapefruit RadlerFruit and Field Beer2113.3911-29-2020
Bavaria Hooghe BockBock - Traditional6.5163.0309-19-2019
Bavaria Lager ShandyLow-Alcohol Beer0.922.301-03-2018
Bavaria Lemon RadlerFruit and Field Beer2112.7311-29-2020
Bavaria LightLager - Light462.1205-18-2014
Bavaria Limited EditionPilsner - Bohemian / Czech5.20001-29-2022
Bavaria Oud BruinLager - European Dark373.1604-08-2022
Bavaria Premium Gluten FreeLager - European Pale50008-26-2017
Bavaria Premium Lager Beer 4.3Lager - European Pale4.373.0906-08-2022
Best BierLager - European Pale542.7911-21-2020
Brouwers 0.0Low-Alcohol Beer013.405-02-2019
Brouwers 0.0 RadlerLow-Alcohol Beer013.4307-16-2019
Brouwers IPAIPA - American652.9708-24-2018
Brouwers Premium PilsenerLager - European Pale4.8112.6703-15-2022
Brouwers WeijzenWheat Beer - Hefeweizen523.307-11-2018
CaristaLager - Adjunct4.611.7806-24-2015
Carrefour Cerveza HolandesaLager - European Pale4.831.8201-26-2022
Carrefour Lager 0.0%Low-Alcohol Beer011.2506-23-2015
ClaroLager - European Pale5112.5102-28-2018
Claro TequilaHerb and Spice Beer5.91311-04-2016
Dia 0.0Low-Alcohol Beer011.304-13-2016
Dia Extra 8ºLager - European Strong811.5606-01-2015
DIA LagerLager - European Pale4.842.1408-16-2016
Dors BlondBlonde Ale - Belgian6.513.2706-01-2022
Dors PilsenerLager - European Pale593.1101-21-2022
Dors WeizenWheat Beer - Hefeweizen513.7506-13-2022
Dutch CrownLager - European Pale4.853.1310-17-2011
Dutch WindmillLager - European Pale4.6252.7110-05-2019
Eboshi HapposhuHapposhu4.612.3603-10-2022
Euroshopper Premium LagerLager - European Pale5142.105-15-2018
Export SuperunieLager - European Pale542.5611-05-2017
Gouden HavenLager - European Pale4.8292.8406-17-2017
GrossmeisterLager - European Pale4.813.2502-11-2021
Grossmeister WheatWheat Beer - Hefeweizen4.713.2502-11-2021
HolbrandLager - European Pale4.722.2501-19-2019
Holbrand LimónFruit and Field Beer0.711.7901-12-2016
Holbrand Sin / FreeLow-Alcohol Beer0.0511.2501-10-2016
Holland ImportLager - European Pale4.8162.709-23-2020
Holland Lager 1839Lager - European Pale5613.1406-11-2022
HollandiaLager - European Pale52492.8401-11-2022
Hollandia StrongLager - European Strong7.943.3503-18-2021
Hollandia (2.8%)Lager - European Pale2.823.1104-01-2015
Hollandia Extra / Super StrongLager - European Strong120003-17-2021
Hoöten Premium Dutch LagerLager - European Pale4.662.4204-11-2015
Jaeger BierLager - European Pale4.81308-18-2014
Kaiser Extra Forte / Zeer SterkLager - European Strong7.823.5407-09-2018
Keizerskroon Premium PilsenerLager - European Pale552.3805-25-2018
Keizerskroon WitbierWheat Beer - Witbier512.6501-21-2015
Kensels Pilsen BeerPilsner - German4.812.1811-07-2012
KlassïekLager - European Pale5232.8203-16-2015
LagartoLager - Adjunct522.1711-22-2017
Lander BräuLager - European Pale4.79303-07-2021
Lander Brau RadlerFruit and Field Beer213.2503-19-2022
Lander Bräu WeissbeerWheat Beer - Hefeweizen4.7103.2703-16-2022
Lynx Premium LagerLager - European Pale532.3611-11-2015
Lynx Super Premium LagerLager - European Strong7.922.1905-17-2021
Phoenix Lager 14Lager - European Strong1412.8708-17-2016
Pitt BierLager - European Pale5102.4205-16-2019
Royal Duke Premium BeerLager - European Pale4.212.7203-18-2015
SchultenbrauPilsner - German5132.3509-21-2020
Schultenbrau AmberRed Ale - American Amber / Red5.512.812-31-2012
Schultenbräu Extra Zwaar BierLager - European Strong1213.0802-06-2021
Schultenbrau GingerHerb and Spice Beer5.512.0511-13-2012
Schultenbräu Hefe WeissbierWheat Beer - Hefeweizen4.92305-27-2021
Schultenbrau HerfstbockBock - Traditional6.512.8811-11-2012
Schultenbrau RadlerFruit and Field Beer213.2512-01-2014
Schultenbrau RoséFruit and Field Beer4.521.8506-03-2013
Schultenbrau WitWheat Beer - Witbier533.1907-12-2020
Schultenbrau Zwaar Bier 8%Lager - European Strong852.6402-04-2021
St. Pierre BlondBlonde Ale - Belgian6.513.2501-01-2022
St. Pierre BrownBrown Ale - Belgian Dark6.513.8701-05-2022
St. Pierre White - BlancheWheat Beer - Witbier513.5201-26-2022
Steinburg 0,0 Sin GlutenLow-Alcohol Beer01209-03-2017
Swinckels' 0.0%Low-Alcohol Beer014.0903-08-2022
Swinckels' Superieur PilsnerLager - European Pale5.3343.4712-09-2021
Thistle DraughtLager - European Pale4.323.4703-10-2022

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