BeerAdvocate magazine #45

“Pay No More Than …” Beer Smack by

One of the biggest growing complaints from users on our site is price gouging. Unfortunately, there’s not much we consumers can do about this, except act with our wallets—or rather, not act with them.

Beer News News by

Will Straub’s returnable bottles get canned?; Independent Brewers United acquired by North American Breweries; no Christmas this year for Goose Island; and Sierra Nevada teaming up with Trappist monks.

The Adulthood of Craft Beer Unfiltered by

We have lived through the Age of Extreme and experienced the Era of Collaboration, reveling in years of unparalleled success. Yet the toughest times lie ahead as craft brewers move from the lighthearted teenage growing years to the increasingly responsible adult decades.

My Culture is Better Than Your Culture The Politics of Beer by

There is no correct way to make beer, and we should not get prissy when others do it differently from us. Nor should we be annoyed when they carry on making a few types better than ours because they have had more practice.

30 Years of Beer BYOB by

While we usually think of a batch in the number of glasses we can pour, not in terms decades, we can force our beer to the last payment, the proverbial mortgage finish line.

Kyle Smith of Kern River Brewing Company Going Pro by

California boasts a number of premier brewing regions; the base of Sequoia National Forest hasn’t traditionally been one of them. Kyle Smith is working to change that. His small brewpub, the Kern River Brewing Company, is cranking out buzzed-about beers at the edge of the wilderness.

Bock: Spring’s Dark, Malty, Seasonal Style Profile by

A bartender, explaining the appeal of Bock, told one newspaper reporter simply, “It makes a feller feel good sooner.” It was enough to put a smile on your face, even in the midst of the Great Depression.

Beer Pouch Bucks Bottles & Cans Innovation by

In the beer world, there are bottles, growlers and cans of many shapes and sizes, but nothing has come close to the portability that wine lovers enjoy. Until now.

Improving the Sandwich with Beer Cooking with Beer by

These three beer-infused sandwich variations include a pair of regional specialties known to hungry travelers as well as a popular (and easy to make) classic.

Nebraska Brewing Company: Big Risks and Big Beers in Cornhusker Country From the Source by

People are starting to take notice of this little brewery that is making people realize there may be more to Nebraska than college football.

BadAss BeerAdvocates Feature by

Join us for our annual nod to these badasses as we raise our pints in their general direction, honoring them for their contributions to the beer industry and for giving beer the respect it deserves. Cheers!

San Antonio Destinations by

Good beer can’t be stopped; quality will prevail. Just look at Texas. If you want to see the revolution crystallizing before your eyes, head to San Antonio, a massive city that’s just now at the precipice of becoming a brewing hot-spot.

Demand More From Your Beer Last Call by

Rick Hewitt of the Emerald City Beer Company considers the quality and taste that consumers and brewers of American craft beer have chosen to pursue.