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Board Games Meet Local Beer at Austin’s Vigilante Bar Barkeep by

Most bartenders wouldn’t exactly welcome a Risk board on their bar top, but at Vigilante Bar in Austin, Texas, beer is served with a side of board games.

Architect Stephen Oliver, OPA Design Studio Principal, on Designing for Breweries Last Call by

Architect Stephen Oliver has designed over a dozen breweries in the Austin area, creating a niche he gets to enjoy long after the ribbons are cut.

Taylor Ziebarth, Founder and Brewmaster, Oddwood Ales Going Pro by

As Taylor Ziebarth relaunches Oddwood Ales, originally a side label of the Austin brewery Adelbert’s, as a standalone business with its own brewery and taproom, distinctive microorganisms remain front and center.

Where’s the Beef? Pub Food Takes a Healthier Turn The Business of Beer by

As interest in plant-based diets grows, pub grub has begun to change with the times, meaning beer has a few new healthier, meat-free dining companions.

Beer News News by

New regulations proposed at Alabama breweries; ancient tablet shows Mesopotamian workers paid with beer; The Beer Museum debuts in Austin; and St. Louis Brewery wins dispute over “Schlafly” trademark.

Craft Pride in Austin, Texas Barkeep by

There are plenty of places to eat along the dirt-path-framed expanse of Austin’s Rainey Street, not to mention the streets just off of it. Tacos, sausages, Indian food, burgers, noodles … the list goes mouthwateringly on. Makes sense, then, that Craft Pride has such a singular focus: Beer.

Kevin Brand of (512) Brewing Company Going Pro by

Austin’s (512) Brewing Company was founded in 2007, at the front end of a wave of new brewery openings in the Texas capital. The brewery has benefited both from Austin’s thirst for local product and from its burgeoning community of brewers.

Jester King Brewery From the Source by

The original plan was to build Jester King in an industrial part of Austin, but when a local farmer just outside the city offered his 200-acre farm as a brewery site, the three managing partners accepted. Today, Jester King is producing some of Texas’ most intriguing beers in a style that seems more suited to Belgium than the American Heartland.

The Rebirth of Local Beer Unfiltered by

For about a half-decade now, rapid expansionism has defined the United States craft beer market. But with the recent announcements of market retreats by many large and mid-sized breweries, the needs of beer drinkers will soon fall once again to local brewers.

Black Star Co-Op From the Source by

Co-op breweries, with their minimal costs, democratic involvement and intensely local feel, look a hell of a lot like craft beer’s militia. They represent a community no longer simply using its buying power to steer the market, but one empowering itself to join the fight.

Austin Destinations by

Austin is home to the state university, some legendary BBQ, musicians, artists and other assorted weirdos. Which is to say, it’s a city that’s perpetually overrun by professional drinkers of every sort.