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Kegs and Eggs: Across the Country, Breweries Add Brunch The Business of Beer by

Often overlooked when it comes to beer and food pairing, weekend brunch is appearing on the menus of a growing number of US breweries.

Kornmjölsgröt: Barley Porridge with Red Lager Cooking with Beer by

This oat porridge alternative can be eaten as is or served with various toppings, like a sour cream maple sauce or a honey-flavored whipping cream with tart dried cherries and cacao nibs.

Beer and Camping Cooking with Beer by

Canned beer is more flexible for outdoor activities where bottles have never been a good idea due to their weight and the danger of broken glass. So here are several recipes, all using canned beer, which are perfect for that long weekend trip to your favorite camping spot.

Liquid Bread, Meet the Bagel Cooking with Beer by

Before bagels became a breakfast staple across the world, they were a classic snack in Polish cuisine. The versatility of the bagel means it can work as a light meal, the bookends of a hearty sandwich—or, in this case, a beer-infused tribute to complex carbs.

Beer Brunch Party-Gyle by

Forget the waffle house—you can have a better, cheaper and longer brunch session in your own home. And whether ringing headaches are demanding hair-of-the-dog or it’s a perfectly healthy situation, getting a little buzz from beer or classic brunch cocktails is a pretty good way to ease into the weekend.

Beer News News by

Auburn University to offer a major in brewing science; Budweiser responds to suit alleging Bud “watered down” brews; Philadelphia sues Yuengling for $6.6 million in back taxes; a brewery expansion roundup; and Scottish brewery chastised by anti-alcohol groups over “breakfast beer.”

Beer Pancakes Cooking with Beer by

These three beer pancake recipes would make wonderful centerpieces for a weekend brunch, but they’re just as appropriate served for dessert or as a special breakfast for dinner.

Gingerbread Oatmeal Stout Coffeecake and Noël Bread Cooking with Beer by

Noël Bread and Gingerbread Oatmeal Stout Coffeecake, two easy-to-bake breakfast treats will delight one and all, maybe even becoming one of your family’s holiday traditions.

Mexican Oktoberfest Cooking with Beer by

It’s hard not to notice that Mexican beer styles originated from Germany. So this year, for Oktoberfest, I wondered what it would be like to try putting a Hispanic twist on traditional German cuisine. Here’s how to celebrate this year’s Oktoberfest with a Mexican flare.

Beer Crêpes: A Pancake By Any Other Name Cooking with Beer by

Crêpes can be served for breakfast, brunch, lunch, a dinner, dessert or a late-night snack after an evening at the bar. Beer only makes them better.

Beer Donuts Cooking with Beer by

Push aside the Bloody Mary and start the day off with a beer-infused donut that will satisfy any weekend craving for a fried piece of goodness.

A Beer Brunch Cooking with Beer by

Brunch is the perfect way to enjoy a leisurely weekend morning/afternoon: good food, good beer and good friends.