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Looking to the Past for Inspiration, Brewers Gravitate to Gruit News by

Breweries around the globe are bucking the hazy, hoppy trend by devoting at least some of their energies to Gruit, a medieval ale made with a variety of botanicals. Although small, the worldwide movement to bring more attention to it has gained steam, and is recognized with International Gruit Day.

A Festive Shift: Why Beer Events Are Moving Beyond the One-Size-Fits-All Model The Business of Beer by

As the ubiquitous, one-size-fits-all beer festival loses its appeal, organizers are rethinking the events in an effort to entice both attendees and brewers.

Coming in 2017: Extreme Beer Fest® Los Angeles Beer Smack by

The rumors are true. Extreme Beer Fest cometh to Los Angeles, Calif., on Saturday, December 9, 2017.

Married, With Beer Party-Gyle by

Beer has been integral to weddings and other festivities throughout history, much more so than champagne. In fact, the word “bridal” derives from “bride ale.”

The Tiresome Tap Takeover Trend Beer Smack by

Yes, you read correctly. We hate tap takeovers, and we’re not alone. There’s a growing number of people who believe that these takeovers are doing more harm than good.

How to Be a Beer Fest Pro Beer Smack by

These beer fest survival tips could mean the difference between having an epic time… and a “fail” time.

Brewing Big for National Homebrew Day Advocate This by

The Big Brew occurs on the first Saturday of May as a pre-celebration of National Homebrew Day and of homebrewing around the world.

Be Social. Drink Beer. Advocate This by

When we indulge with moderation and respect, beer allows us to loosen up. Forget politics, religion, and sports—let’s drink beer!