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Cracking the Carboy Conundrum Innovation by

Big, heavy, awkward glass objects and hard surfaces do not play well together. Fortunately for clumsy homebrewers, Ross Browne and Gavin Quigley of Next Level Brewing have developed the Carboy Bumper.

Drink. Share. Brew. The Business of Beer by

The Black Sands concept, referred to loosely as “open source brewing,” invites people to visit the brewery, enjoy the atmosphere, drink the beer and then if they’re interested in homebrewing, go next door where customers will be given recipes to make a scaled down version of the same beer.

Sell Your Homebrew Recipe (Or Buy One) Innovation by

On one side, Kit Lab works like most online recipe forums. But there’s the added option to have precise ingredient amounts for recipes shipped to your door. And there are plans for both all-grain and extract versions so homebrewers of all levels can participate.

Brew Pad Innovation by

Keeping track of those last-minute homebrew recipe changes can be tricky. Often they are jotted down on a piece of scrap paper, at risk of being forgotten, misplaced or lost.

BeerBug: A Nanny for Homebrew Innovation by

Through a device and cloud-based platform known as Electric Imp, BeerBug wirelessly transmits the status of your beer, cider or wine’s fermentation progress to a cloud, which you can then tap into and track on your smartphone or through the BeerBug’s website.

Where to Drink in St. Augustine, Florida Destinations by

In 1513, 74 years before the settlers started brewing beer from corn in Virginia, Spain’s Ponce de León landed on the coast of modern-day Florida. St. Augustine may be steeped in centuries of history, but the nation’s oldest city is starting a new chapter as craft beer takes root there.

Getting In Shape BYOB by

Last month, we talked about getting clean in the brewhouse, but we left out one important step: the mantra of the obsessive home organizer—everything has its place.

Trying to Reason with Brewing Season Innovation by

Many brewers put a lot into a beer that misses the mark because the temperatures changed during fermentation or it wasn’t given enough time to ferment and age. To prevent the heartbreak of releasing a beer before its time or too late, Christian Lavender created The Home Brewing Calendar.

Bulking Up BYOB by

The one place we can’t skimp is our ingredients. No matter how much we’d like to use that cheap bag of feed barley to make beer—there’s a reason it’s feed barley and not malt.

Brew Your Own Beer! Feature by

Online resources to help you homebrew, required reading for proper beer research, and tips to get your brew from the kitchen to the winner’s circle.

Laying the Groundwork BYOB by

The step by step process of setting up your own homebrew shop.