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Tag: Indiana

Drew Fox of 18th Street Brewery Going Pro by

Three years after opening in Gary, Ind., across the Indiana state line from Chicago, 18th Street Brewery has torched any skeptics with founder Drew Fox’s hard-charging, heavy metal brand of brewing.

Wee Mac Scottish-Style Ale by Sun King Brewery Label Approval by

For a brewery whose marketing director started out washing kegs, Sun King’s redesign isn’t surprising. Even the Indiana brewery’s milestones are couched in a beta mindset.

Pedals and Pints: Bike Trail Breweries Appeal to Cyclists Feature by

America’s brewing renaissance has developed alongside a renewed interest in cycling, with new breweries popping up along the nation’s bike trails to cater to two-wheeled clientele.

Recently Passed Laws in Three States Will Impact Brewers News by

New legislation in Florida, Indiana and West Virginia impacts the local brewing industry.

Clay Robinson, Co-owner and Founding Brewer, Sun King Brewery Last Call by

When he started brewing, Sun King co-founder Clay Robinson never dreamed he’d be taking days off from bottling to suit up and lobby the Statehouse. But these days, he’s dusting off his bachelor’s degree in rhetoric and fighting to raise the production cap for Indiana’s breweries.

Brew, Brew, Brew For the Home Team: Craft Beer Makes Inroads at Stadiums and Sporting Arenas Feature by

As smaller, independent breweries have steadily chipped away at the market share held by larger national or multinational competition, they’ve also found ways to move into spaces formerly controlled by Big Beer—like Major League stadiums.

The Heorot Pub and Draught House in Muncie, Indiana Barkeep by

When The Heorot opened 20 years ago in Muncie, Ind., not a bar in the county even had Guinness on draft. Owner Stan Stephens was sick of campus bars with $5 covers and quarter drafts of domestic lagers.

Where to Drink in Indianapolis, Indiana Destinations by

Although there were a small handful of microbreweries, like the Oaken Barrel, during Indianapolis’ darker days, it wasn’t until Sun King tapped its first kegs in 2009 that craft beer exploded in the city.

Bier Brewery From the Source by

Even in the midst of the craft beer boom, it’s still easy to separate the suits from the brewers. The guys behind Indianapolis’ Bier Brewery are brewers—a little rough around the edges and fiercely independent—and, surprise: They don’t care who knows it.

Tin Man Brewing Co. Brick & Mortar by

Nick Davidson didn’t leave his beloved robots out of the equation when he opened a brewery in his native Evansville, Ind. Tin Man Brewing Company, named after one of Davidson’s first toy robots, occupies a three-story, gray-painted brick building in the historic Lamasco neighborhood.

Caleb Staton of Upland Brewing Company Going Pro by

Out of brewing school and in need of a job, Caleb Staton cold-called Upland and parlayed a chimp joke into a job washing kegs and cleaning tanks. He worked his way up the ranks and is now head brewer at the Bloomington, Ind., brewery.

Beer News News by

Churchkey Can Company ressurrects the flat-top steel can; interstate brewery expansions loom; study finds two drinks a day could be a life saver; Heineken bans branding of local brews during London 2012 Olympics; and new beer laws passed in Indiana and Georgia.

Beer News News by

Illinois breweries fighting to keep right to distribute; Goose Island acquired by A-B InBev; Surly campaigns to change law and build brewery/restaurant; Mexican brewery unveils world’s first beers for the LGBT community; and Indiana state laws may stifle breweries’ growth.

Beer News News by

North Korea airs beer commercial; genetic science and beer bellies; beer tastings to become legal in North Carolina; Flying Fish Exit Series; Hoosiers campaign for freedom of choice.

Indianapolis Destinations by

Indiana’s beer scene is rightly dominated by Chicagoland and Michiana, but that shouldn’t preclude a trip a bit further south to the state’s capital, the Crossroads of America.

Nick Floyd of Three Floyds Going Pro by

Just 10 years after its founding, Three Floyds Brewing, a small Indiana microbrewery, has grown into an unlikely craft-brewing powerhouse.