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Where to Drink in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Destinations by

Milwaukee owes its brewing heritage to beer barons like Miller, Pabst and Schlitz. And while Miller is still extremely popular, the big beers that were once working-class favorites have given way to a vibrant craft beer scene.

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Miller beer caves; Carlsberg threatens to close historic brewery; Goose Island Clybourn honks on; Cancer-fighting beer; and poppy brew gets student in trouble.

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A son leaves Leinie’s; voice of Bob the Builder launches ale in the UK; governor of Bavaria tells drivers that two liters of beer at Oktoberfest is safe; Pabst looks to the future; and beer drinkers sue A-B.

Lite Beer vs. Light Beer Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek explains the light vs. lite anomaly.

Are You “Trading Down?” Beer Smack by

Sorry, guys—while we dig a Leinie’s Red or High Life from time to time, we don’t buy that. Stop feeding the press these doom-and-gloom sound bites that only fuel the fire.

The Chelada Ask the Beer Geek by

The beer geek explains the Chelada phenomenon and shares his own drink recipe.

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Cascade launches a renewable brew; US craft brewers grow; Miller dabbles in “lite” craft beers; Vermont rethinks drinking age; Bud Light Lime is born; and “Hop Obama” could divide versus unite.

Here’s to Respect Unfiltered by

After years of Big Beer following the same crass marketing playbook, beer suddenly had a bad image and a black eye.

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What’s new in beer, from peacemaking homebrew to trademark disputes and gluten-free brew.