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Creativity Defines the Next Generation of Coffee Beers News by

Long a favorite addition to Stouts and Porters, brewers across the country are pushing the boundaries when it comes to incorporating coffee into seasonal and limited releases.

Beer News News by

Victory and Southern Tier unite under Artisanal Brewing Ventures; Massachusetts distributor faces pay-to-play penalty; southern states push to update beer laws; and Slovenian town building public beer fountain.

Victory Brewing Company: Two Decades of Community and Creativity From the Source by

Since launching Victory in 1996, Bill Covaleski and Ron Barchet have remained true to their founding principles. When it came time to expand, they added a second production facility in Pennsylvania even as their distribution has grown.

Summer Beer Flip Kindred Spirits by

The combination of rum, apricot marmalade, chocolate bitters and Victory Prima Pils create a beer cocktail that tastes like an orange creamsicle with a bright, bitter twist. A full egg also brings a creamy aspect to this flip.

Here for the Beer: 4 Great Summer Getaways Party-Gyle by

Maine, Denver, Seattle or Philly, here are four craft beer-infused itineraries for a vacation that you can really use.

A Game of Risk: The Headaches of Brewery Expansion Feature by

Increasing sales don’t necessarily translate into easy times for brewery owners. As the craft beer segment grows, many brewers are finding it just as hard to expand, as it was to initially get the doors open.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Destinations by

Today, Philly has upwards of 20 breweries within a 100-mile radius, including Yuengling, the oldest brewery in America, and nationally known brands like Victory, Flying Fish and Stoudt’s.

Profiles in Beer Feature by

Join us in our annual nod to those who help make beer more than just another beverage with buzz. Raise your glass and holla “Cheers!” to these badass beer advocates.

Three Threads Three Threads by

Bill Covaleski, Nico Freccia and Hugh Sisson share their thoughts on city “beer weeks.”

German Pils: Beautifully Bitter Style Profile by

The southeastern corner of Pennsylvania has emerged as a hotbed of craft-brewed Pilsners. Specifically, the crisp and bitter northern German-style Pils.

Rauchbier: Smoke Gets in Your Beer Style Profile by

The classic style of smoke is Rauchbier (rauch is German for smoke) from the town of Bamberg.

The Power of You Last Call by

Bill Covaleski of Victory Brewing Company points out the power of the informed beer consumer at their local craft seller.

Weizenbock: A Beer That’s Not to Be Trifled With Style Profile by

This insidious practice of cramming a cheap lemon rind atop a luscious, aromatic glass of Hefeweizen—the taproom equivalent of slobbering ketchup all over a perfectly grilled T-bone from Morton’s—has got to stop.

A Skunkadelic Freakout: A Plea for Decency, and Fresher Beer Unfiltered by

I once served a five-year-old bottle of craft beer to a college buddy, just for laughs. As he popped the top, I waited in anticipation for his first sip, which he promptly spit all over my coffee table. I deserved it.