BeerAdvocate magazine #17

Craft Beer and Brewer, Defined Beer Smack by

Like many in the beer world, we’ve personally struggled and been thrown into contentious debates over what defines a craft beer or brewer.

Beer News News by

Possible Guinness relocation; InBev plans price hikes; Goose Island to close flagship pub; Denver’s first Mexican-style craft beers; Magic Hat to purchase Pyramid; and European beer drinking analyzed.

You Think You Know IPA? Unfiltered by

While we can agree that the IPA style started in Britain, historical brewing and news texts do not make the well-worn story seem so sturdy.

Brewing Your Way Out of a Slump: How to Get Back into the Game and Improve Your Brewing Average BYOB by

As I write this, I’ll be brewing my first batch of beer in two months and showing you ways to defeat the inevitable slump.

Saison: Beer’s Quintessential Seasonal Style Profile by

With every sip of Saison, you can just taste the romance. Kind of makes you want to grab a hoe and volunteer at your local organic farm co-op.

Joe Short of Short’s Brewing Company Going Pro by

Joe Short’s tiny Michigan brewpub has gained national attention—and breathlessly positive reviews—for its bold, anything-goes recipes.

Beer Wares Wares by

Emotional bottle openers, a West Coast guide to beer, and beer-infused truffles.

Table Tender Innovation by

A Georgia man, Jeff Libby, has created The TableTender, a tap system that runs straight to the table and lets patrons pour their own pints and pitchers, thus eliminating the risk of Empty Glass Syndrome.

Milky Pints, Beer & Health Ask the Beer Geek by

The sin of milky residue in your favorite pint glass, and a variety of beer-related health concerns.

Beer & Food Pairings Cooking with Beer by

What makes a good food and beer pairing? I believe it is when a carefully chosen beer and a meticulously crafted dish blend in a taster’s mouth to create a harmonious blend of flavors.

Out of the Bottle and Into the Pan Feature by

Chefs around the world are taking the concept of pairing the two a step further by treating beer as a core ingredient when cooking. The result is a growing culinary passion for cuisine that offers layers of depth that only beer can bring to the table.

Vegas, Baby Destinations by

In this desert wasteland, there are evangelists spreading the gospel of good beer to the darkest corners of Sin City. So read up, and when business (or a bachelor party) comes calling, you’ll be ready.

The Simple Pleasures of Beer and Food Last Call by

Chef Brian Sullivan with Pyramid Breweries toasts the culinary contributions of a fine craft beer.