BeerAdvocate magazine #19

Keep Our Beer Free of Logo Blight! Beer Smack by

Despite the extra efforts and costs, logoed glassware can be found at most beer bars today. To the point of overkill.

Beer News News by

Hello “Anheuser-Busch InBev;” Pabst mocks Philly’s murals; “beer” loses some of its buzz; Redhook & Widmer Merge; and Ontarians call for an end to beer duopoly.

The Myth of Handcrafted Unfiltered by

It’s time that brewers and consumers let go of their dated, fanciful notions of the brewing process.

The Joys of Being Small-Time: A First Mortgage Can Be Refreshingly Delicious BYOB by

There’s a perverse pride in being a serious 5-gallon brewer surrounded by guys with bigger systems.

Munich Helles: You’ll Know It When You Taste It Style Profile by

Munich Helles, at first glance, is almost identical to Pilsner. Clear and blond, they both sparkle with carbonation that rises to a creamy, white collar of foam. On a hot and muggy day, you just want to dive in and soak it up.

Paul Philippon of Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery Going Pro by

The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery celebrates its fourth birthday this August. That’s four years of plying the Southeast with dark, full-bodied, flavorful beers—and proving the cynics wrong.

Beer Wares Wares by

Built NY bottle totes, one man’s quest for the meaning of beer, and an inflatable floating swimming pool cooler.

The Device Gets a Facelift Innovation by

When we first visited with John Carnett back in the fall of last year, he was the proud papa of an all-inclusive homebrewing system that he built himself in his home shop. Now, see how it’s grown up.

How and Where to Buy Beer Online Ask the Beer Geek by

There are quite a few establishments that offer websites where you can browse, buy, and get beer shipped directly to your house.

Stir it Up! Bière Cuisine à la Jamaica Cooking with Beer by

Sure, the salty breeze and the glare off the ocean isn’t there, but these flavors could transport anyone to the Jamaican coast in just hours. Just turn on some reggae music, and the aromas from the dishes that follow will start your vacation.

Punk’s Not Dead: It’s Brewing Organic Beer in Canada Feature by

Crannóg Ales’ head brewer, Brian MacIsaac, is a very proud Irishman who toured the globe playing bass in the punk band Immoral Minority. Today, instead of mohawks and mosh pits, it’s brewing organic beer that lets him crowdsurf the world.

How I Became a Hop Farmer: If You Can’t Buy It, Grow It Feature by

Dan Weirback of the Weyerbacher Brewing Company addresses the hop shortage by growing his own.

Bamberg, Germany Destinations by

With 10 breweries and brewpubs serving just 70,000 residents, Bamberg boasts one of the world’s highest levels of per capita beer production.

Twenty Years of Brewing Joy Last Call by

Dan Gordon reflects on 20 years of brewing with Gordon Biersch Brewing Company.