BeerAdvocate magazine #20

Are You “Trading Down?” Beer Smack by

Sorry, guys—while we dig a Leinie’s Red or High Life from time to time, we don’t buy that. Stop feeding the press these doom-and-gloom sound bites that only fuel the fire.

Beer News News by

New ventures for Brick Store Pub; Weed fought the law; Smuttynose finds a home; Serving beer in liters is a crime; Star Hose to open in historic N.Y. firehouse; and Elysian and New Belgium collaborate.

The Changing Face of American Beer Unfiltered by

After more than a year of rumors, analyst whispers and convenient press leaks, corporate brewing giant InBev finally made its move on America’s largest brewery.

Conferring Over a Homebrew BYOB by

Each June, in a different city, the folks at the American Homebrewers Association mix up this magical brew to put on the National Homebrewers Conference, the greatest floating homebrew party around.

Belgian India Pale Ale: Brewing for an American Palate Style Profile by

Next to Germany and England, no country has had a bigger impact on the American craft beer scene than Belgium. And now with the emergence of Belgian IPAs, at long last, America is returning the favor.

Steven Pauwels of Boulevard Brewing Company Going Pro by

Steven Pauwels left Belgium for Missouri nine years ago, bringing craftsmanship, tradition, and a relentless drive to experiment. Here’s how Boulevard became the Midwest’s largest independent brewer—and its most eclectic.

Beer Wares Wares by

The beer belt, USB mini fridge, and recycled glassware.

Beer with Wheels Innovation by

The growlers’ success got Hoops thinking: Instead of people always coming to the beer store to buy their growlers, why not take the growlers to the customers—just like the milkman used to do.

Lite Beer vs. Light Beer Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek explains the light vs. lite anomaly.

A Beer Brunch Cooking with Beer by

Brunch is the perfect way to enjoy a leisurely weekend morning/afternoon: good food, good beer and good friends.

Profiles in Beer Feature by

It’s time once again to pay homage to eight greats of the brewing industry in our annual nod to those who make beer more than just a beverage.

Cincinnati Destinations by

While the smokestacks have gone quiet, the thirsty hordes remain. Let’s see where they go to fix that little problem.

Do I Come to Your Office and Drink a Beer? Last Call by

Rob Leonard of the New England Brewing Co. discusses his love for beer people, especially those happy, helpful volunteers.