BeerAdvocate magazine #21

BeerAdvocate or Beer Snob? Beer Smack by

Not to be confused with the beer geek, who is simply super passionate about beer, the beer snob is stuck in the cycle, taking their passion too seriously and to a level that’s actually counterproductive to spreading the good word about beer.

Beer News News by

A son leaves Leinie’s; voice of Bob the Builder launches ale in the UK; governor of Bavaria tells drivers that two liters of beer at Oktoberfest is safe; Pabst looks to the future; and beer drinkers sue A-B.

The Changing Face of the Beer Industry Unfiltered by

Times are changing quickly in the American beer marketplace, and they’re not going to slow down anytime soon.

There’s a Parti in My Pots, And I Saved Money, Too BYOB by

Separating multiple spargings of the mash and blending the results can yield beers of distinct gravities and character.

Pumpkin Ale: America’s Oktoberfestbier Style Profile by

A look at the origins and resurgence of Pumpkin Ale, as the spiced seasonal beer returns to shelves once again.

Richard G. Norgrove of Bear Republic Brewing Company Going Pro by

Richard Norgrove used to brew a brutally hoppy Red Ale for his mountain biking buddies. Then the cycling company he worked at was sold, and he figured he’d make a run at brewing for a living.

Beer Wares Wares by

Beery gummies and Dogfish Head soaps.

Getting Fresh with Beer Innovation by

Adriana Bravo and her team of chemists at the Caracas-based food and beverage conglomerate Empresas Polar have discovered that controlling a chemical process called the Maillard reaction could do a lot more to protect that just-bottled freshness.

Special Ordering Kegs of Beer Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek suggests ways to find that special keg of craft beer.

Braising with the Season Cooking with Beer by

Slow-cooked German cuisine allows us time to sip beer with our friends as we wait patiently for sinuous tissues to break down into tender bits of meat, filling the home with glorious aromas.

Kimo von Oelhoffen Feature by

The same hands trained to rip through waves of offensive linemen in the NFL evoke the warmth of an affable family man who owns one of eastern Washington’s most celebrated brewpubs.

Tailgate! Feature by

For some, tailgating is a chance to catch up with old friends, show off homebrew and try new beers. For others, it’s a party to celebrate the return of football season and a perfect excuse to drink a locally brewed favorite.

Atlanta Destinations by

Atlanta, and the whole of the Southeast region, is seeing an explosion in beer culture, the pace and intensity of which is unmatched in the US.

Trying New Things Last Call by

Jon Curtis of The TAP Brewpub discusses his love for turning people on to new things, especially flavorful brews.