BeerAdvocate magazine #32

When Beer is Not Beer Beer Smack by

It’s all too easy to forget that beer was meant to be enjoyed. In our opinion, it can often become way too business-centric, unnecessarily elite or just plain silly. Here are some pet-peeve instances of when beer is not beer.

Beer News News by

Oskar Blues crafts one very tall boy; Portland to treat water, possibly at expense of beer taste; Starbucks considers serving beer and wine; and thieves pull off $70,000 beer heist.

New Frontiers for Extreme Beer Unfiltered by

In changing the way we view extreme, or at least what we are willing to give that label, we can open our minds to new experiences and allow American beer to start the next chapter in the story of extreme beer.

Has CAMRA Stunted the Growth of British Beer? The Politics of Beer by

By deifying a limited range of virtually unexportable ale styles, did CAMRA fossilize British beer culture in a spoof version of the 1950s?

The West Coast is Hoppin’ BYOB by

With hop prices coming down and the world missing a good “East Coast” versus “West Coast” battle, maybe it’s time to fire off your own salvo in the IPA wars.

Dave Fougeron Going Pro by

Less than two years ago, Southern Star was a new brewery outside Houston that few had heard of. Now, Dave Fougeron’s killer recipes have caught fire, and he “can’t make beer fast enough.”

Milk / Sweet Stout: Not Quite What the Doctor Ordered Style Profile by

Creamy and wholesome and chocolaty as that glass of Nesquik you used to dunk your Oreos into, Milk Stout—aka Cream Stout or Sweet Stout—seemingly comes straight from the dairy.

Three Threads Three Threads by

Lanny Hoff, Joe Lipa and Matthias Neidhart mull over the future potential growth for craft beer imports within the US market.

Will Twitter for Beer Innovation by

Taplister is a website, a phone app and a Twitter tool that alerts followers when beers are freshly tapped at a growing number of participating pubs.

Casks & Kegs Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek clears up the differences between cask conditioned and kegged beer.

Beer and Prawns Cooking with Beer by

The addition of beer, from a Belgian Strong Ale to and English Mild, enhance dishes made with shrimp.

Tröegs Brewing Company From the Source by

The Tröegs brothers were able to create their diverse array of ales and lagers by traveling and studying both nationally and internationally, immersing themselves in the craft beer culture. Their philosophy is to brew the beers they like rather than brewing to a particular style.

What Have You Done for Beer Lately? Feature by

Alabama politics will change for the better because the struggle that Free The Hops has had in reforming the beer laws has gotten people involved.

New Orleans Destinations by

This place is a steaming melting pot of Spanish, French, African and Caribbean influences, a magnet for artists, musicians, misfits and criminals, a charmingly seedy town united by its distaste for authority and its mighty thirst.

Does Extreme Beer Really Exist? Last Call by

Mike Stevens of Founders Brewing Company questions the use of “extreme” when dealing with the evolution of an industry.