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Session Beers: Brewing for Flavor and Balance by Jennifer Talley Shelf Talker by

In her book, Utah native Jennifer Talley explores the history and culture of low-ABV beers and shares recipes and tips from some of the world’s top brewers.

Draught Bass: A Neglected Icon History by the Glass by

The quality and popularity of the once-iconic Draught Bass has been on a steady decline since the 1980s. With the brand up for sale, could it be saved?

Cornish Pasty: A Portable, Savory Hand Pie Cooking with Beer by

Baking a Cornish pasty’s filling and crust together seals savory flavors of Brown Ale and lamb or garden veggies and Pilsner into a crispy, portable meal.

Living Beer Styles and the Death of William Younger’s XXP History by the Glass by

Following the evolution of William Younger’s XXP over time, from a premium export IPA clocking in at 200 IBU to a standard pub Bitter.

Ordinary, Best and Extra Special: How English Bitter Inspired a Revolution in Brewing Feature by

Bitter is what overseas observers have in mind when they dismiss British beer as “warm and flat.” This is a shame not only because the subtleties of Bitter can be a delight, but also because craft brewing as we know it was built on its back.

The Maiden Search Kindred Spirits by

Poured from a nitro tap, the caramel aroma and bready malts of The Search ESB from Chicago’s Aquanaut Brewing pair well with bourbon, the orange zest and toasted wood notes of Curaçao, and the spice of ginger liqueur in this frothy take on a whiskey sour.

The Bitter End Kindred Spirits by

A refreshing beer cocktail made with Bitter, gin, celery bitters, and crème de peche.

Brats Gone Wild: Oktoberfest Sausage 2 Ways Cooking with Beer by

Bratwurst is a beautiful thing when prepared correctly. It’s the perfect one-handed meal: a good, chewy roll coated with mustard, filled with a meaty yet juicy sausage, and topped with beer-braised sweet onions and peppers.

Running the Homebrew Rally BYOB by

The lucky winner of Stone’s March Madness Homebrew Competition and AHA Rally gets moved out of the dinky kitchen and into Stone’s gleaming steel system of steamy goodness. Topping it off, the brew becomes Stone’s official GABF ProAm entry.

How Old P Saved My Life Last Call by

There’s no doubt we’ve had some fabulous beers in Yorkshire. But there’s more to life than Bitter.