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The Pride of Belchertown: How The Shelton Brothers Changed the Face of Beer and Brewing Feature by

In bringing attention to little-known brewers from across the globe and reigniting passion for nearly forgotten styles like Gose and Lambic, the three Shelton brothers also established a company that changed the face of beer and brewing—but not without controversy.

American Hops in British Beer History by the Glass by

How long have American hops been common in British beer? Twenty years, 30 years, 50 years? Think again. It’s much longer than that.

Beer News News by

Shelton Brothers: The Bane of New York Breweries?; Diageo Pressures BII to Bamboozle BrewDog; Shipping Beer via USPS Now Allowed; Michigan Brewing Company Losing Ground; and Tragedy Strikes Redhook.

Praising the Lord in His Ferment The Politics of Beer by

I just don’t get it with the almost hysterical popularity of the Westvleteren Brewery’s strongest beer, Westvleteren 12.

Buy American Last Call by

Rhonda Kallman of New Century Brewing Company admires American brewing ingenuity and advises us all to buy American.

Feeling Rejuvenated in the Beer Biz! Last Call by

Christine Celis of the Celis Brewery and C2 Imports celebrates the beer biz.

Three Threads Three Threads by

Lanny Hoff, Joe Lipa and Matthias Neidhart mull over the future potential growth for craft beer imports within the US market.

American Craft Beer Hegemony Unfiltered by

For a country that has never possessed much of a discernible brewing heritage, America has taken a leading role in exporting its nascent beer culture around the world.

Riding Out the Storm Feature by

As the country peers ahead toward an all-but-certain future, will the craft beer industry falter? When the storm clears, will craft beer be stronger than ever?

Kickin’ it Local Beer Smack by

Sometimes we all just need a good kick in the ass to remind us to support our local brewers.