Spendrups Bryggeri AB


Vårby Allé 39 / Box 3006
Stockholm, 143 03

+46 8 672 77 00 | map

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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
Bistro LagerEuropean Pale Lager4.272.6308-12-2018
Brutal Brewing A Ship Full Of IPAAmerican IPA5.8213.4410-01-2022
Brutal Brewing A Ship Full of IPA 0,0%Low-Alcohol Beer033.0910-01-2022
Brutal Brewing Beervana Summer EditionAmerican Lager4.5123.3411-21-2014
Brutal Brewing Cheap ThrillsEuropean Pale Lager4.682.1411-21-2014
Brutal Brewing ChocolateFruit and Field Beer60010-05-2016
Brutal Brewing Cirrus The Cloudy LagerAmerican Lager5.1103.1502-18-2022
Brutal Brewing Comet Wheat LagerAmerican Lager4.643.1409-04-2019
Brutal Brewing Ginger StoutHerb and Spice Beer5.40010-05-2016
Brutal Brewing Hale To NothingAmerican Pale Ale4.5142.4101-20-2016
Brutal Brewing Hale To WinterEnglish Strong Ale6.862.9701-07-2015
Brutal Brewing Lo La!American Lager513.5704-04-2017
Brutal Brewing Oatmeal Super StoutOatmeal Stout6.413.2810-15-2016
Brutal Brewing Raw Law Mango SourFruit and Field Beer613.508-19-2018
Brutal Brewing Session Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale3.562.8209-22-2018
Brutal Brewing Sir Taste-a-LotAmerican Lager3.5133.0511-07-2019
Brutal Brewing Sir Taste-A-Lot Christmas LagerAmerican Amber / Red Lager3.522.4511-21-2014
Brutal Brewing Sir Taste-a-Lot State Of HoppinessAmerican Lager4.53311-21-2014
Brutal Brewing Texas State Of Mind Austin AmberAmerican Amber / Red Ale563.3407-29-2022
Brutal Brewing The Last IPAEnglish IPA6.933.3311-21-2014
Brutal Brewing The Lit Up Black IPABlack IPA3.512.6812-30-2016
Brutal Brewing The Tail Of A WhaleAmerican Pale Wheat Beer4.763.1206-02-2017
Brutal Brewing The Tail Of A Whale (3,5 %)American Pale Wheat Beer3.533.3306-28-2015
Brutal Brewing The Wonder Of IPAAmerican IPA3.512.8810-13-2015
Brutal Brewing Toasted Christmas LagerVienna Lager3.513.9510-22-2016
Bryggeriets JulspecialBock732.6412-20-2010
Bryggeriets Julspecial 3.5Vienna Lager3.512.611-30-2011
Gotlands Bocken I ParadisetBock7.473.0611-25-2014
Grängesbergs Julöl EkologiskMunich Dunkel5.313.4711-13-2018
Guldkällan 4,8%European Pale Lager4.80005-27-2021
Guldkällan 5,7%European Pale Lager5.70005-27-2021
Mariestads AlkoholfriLow-Alcohol Beer0.514.0807-19-2019
Mariestads Alkoholfri JulebrygdLow-Alcohol Beer0.50010-18-2016
Mariestads ContinentalEuropean Pale Lager4.252.507-09-2017
Mariestads DunkelMunich Dunkel5.872.6607-16-2022
Mariestads ExportEuropean / Dortmunder Export Lager5.3622.9909-03-2022
Mariestads Höstbrygd 3,5Märzen3.542.9911-21-2014
Mariestads JulebrygdVienna Lager5.892.9612-03-2016
Mariestads Klass IILight Lager2.862.7308-14-2022
Mariestads Ofiltrerad ExportKellerbier / Zwickelbier5.80005-24-2015
Mariestads Oktoberfest ÖlMärzen5.80008-23-2017
Mariestads Old OxEuropean Strong Lager6.9142.9605-14-2021
Mariestads PåskbrygdMärzen5.883.2203-27-2016
Mariestads Påskbrygd AlkoholfriLow-Alcohol Beer0.50003-17-2017
Mariestads PåskölVienna Lager5.80003-17-2017
Mariestads Sommarbrygd 3,5%European Pale Lager3.542.5311-21-2014
Mariestads Sommarbrygd 5,3%European Pale Lager5.342.4311-21-2014
Mariestads TraditionEuropean Pale Lager3.53211-27-2014
Melleruds Alkoholfria PilsnerLow-Alcohol Beer0.522.7509-29-2021
Melleruds Klassiska AleEnglish Pale Ale00002-11-2016
Melleruds ParadpilsnerGerman Pilsner653.7504-03-2021
Melleruds Prima JulölMunich Dunkel553.304-24-2022
Melleruds Utmärkta PilsnerGerman Pilsner4.8203.208-14-2018
Melleruds VinterlagerMunich Dunkel4.50010-01-2019
Norrlands DjupBock6.80009-02-2022
Norrlands Guld DynamitEuropean / Dortmunder Export Lager7.241.9511-21-2014
Norrlands Guld ExportEuropean / Dortmunder Export Lager5.3482.6102-19-2022
Norrlands Guld LjusLight Lager4.7102.206-19-2019
Omaka A.K.A.I.P.A.American IPA6.21304-12-2022
Omaka BretzlMärzen613.4109-03-2021
Omaka KlunkEnglish Bitter4.513.307-09-2021
Omaka Peppar PepparGerman Pilsner5.713.7504-12-2022
Omaka UncommonCalifornia Common / Steam Beer5.423.5304-12-2022
Omaka VeniceSaison5.433.5905-13-2022
Omaka WeiterHefeweizen613.7509-22-2022
Pistonhead Chimney SweeperAmerican Brown Ale5.843.2911-21-2014
Pistonhead Christmas CarolMunich Dunkel5.6113.3101-24-2018
Pistonhead Cruisin' LagerAmerican Lager4.772.9107-19-2012
Pistonhead Flat TireAmerican Lager4.5403.3102-12-2022
Pistonhead Flat Tire 0.5%Low-Alcohol Beer0.514.0410-26-2020
Pistonhead Full AmberVienna Lager6353.5601-06-2022
Pistonhead Full ThrottleEuropean Pale Lager4.652.7709-17-2017
Pistonhead Haze LagerEuropean Pale Lager5.173.6805-07-2022
Pistonhead Kustom LagerAmerican Lager4.9863.0504-30-2021
Pistonhead Kustom Lager 0,0%Low-Alcohol Beer00009-17-2022
Pistonhead Plastic FantasticAmerican Lager4.762.5711-21-2014
Pistonhead X-EditionIndia Pale Lager (IPL)523.1206-29-2022
Risingsbo 1856 2,1%Low-Alcohol Beer2.111.512-01-2014
Risingsbo 1856 2,8%European Pale Lager2.841.8211-21-2014
Risingsbo 1856 LättölEuropean Pale Lager2.131.7411-21-2014
Spendrups 2,1 Premium LagerEuropean Pale Lager2.142.0407-12-2015
Spendrups 2,8European Pale Lager2.842.3611-21-2014
Spendrups Bayerskt LättölVienna Lager2.132.4311-21-2014
Spendrups Bright 5,0Light Lager572.4104-18-2022
Spendrups ExportEuropean Pale Lager5132.5209-08-2015
Spendrups Gammeldags SvagdrickaEuropean Dark Lager263.0104-28-2018
Spendrups Julbrygd 2,1Vienna Lager2.121.7511-21-2014
Spendrups Julbrygd 5,3European Dark Lager5.3172.8711-29-2016
Spendrups LättölEuropean Pale Lager2.241.7511-21-2014
Spendrups MellanölEuropean Pale Lager4.222.711-21-2014
Spendrups Premium Gold 5,9%European Pale Lager5.9142.2510-20-2020
Spendrups Premium LagerEuropean Pale Lager552.511-21-2014
Spendrups Premium Lager AlkoholfriLow-Alcohol Beer0.521.8111-21-2014
Spendrups Premium PilsnerGerman Pilsner4.742.4411-21-2014
Tingsryd Pilsner 2,8European Pale Lager2.842.3108-18-2017
Unleashed Freedom LagerEuropean Pale Lager3.513.4506-02-2011
Wårby Stockholm Extra StarkEuropean Strong Lager7.252.411-21-2014

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