BeerAdvocate magazine #22

Kickin’ it Local Beer Smack by

Sometimes we all just need a good kick in the ass to remind us to support our local brewers.

Beer News News by

CAMRA steers cars to “real ale” pubs; the global real ale collaboration; the birth of beer weeks; iPint gets iSued; and Palestinian beer attempts to unite.

Beer Travels Unfiltered by

Whether you spend hours checking out every beer hall listed on the web or you just wander into a place that catches your attention, always try to make time for beer-related travels, big or small.

Vanilla Pie in the Sky: Brewing with this Bean Is a Dream BYOB by

This month’s recipe is a twist on a favorite Strong Oat Ale recipe. The aim: to make a sweet-finishing beer to push the dessert angle.

Scotch Ale: Malty and Strong, But Hardly “Wee” Style Profile by

Strong enough to shake the cold off a misty bog—that is Scotch Ale.

Hutch Kugeman Going Pro by

Great Adirondack Brewing Company is a tiny, 450-barrel-a-year brewpub cranking out great beer in the reaches of upstate New York. Hutch Kugeman is the man who makes it happen. And he may be one of the best brewers you’ve never heard of.

Beer Wares Wares by

Vintage TV beer commercials, a beer lover’s cookbook, and the black and tan turtle.

Jurassic Beer Innovation by

Ancient yeast that was found encased and preserved in a piece of amber was extracted by a team of scientists, cultivated and then used to ferment beer.

Old Ales and Porters Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek explains the similarities and differences between Old Ale and Porter.

Giving Thanks to Your Local Brewers Cooking with Beer by

Celebrate Thanksgiving with a turducken, bière à la cuisine style.

Riding Out the Storm Feature by

As the country peers ahead toward an all-but-certain future, will the craft beer industry falter? When the storm clears, will craft beer be stronger than ever?

Is the Hop Shortage All Bad? The Industry Adapts and Discovers Growth Feature by

In the mad scramble to secure hops, some enterprising brewers have begun looking at their supply chains and wondering if things can be done differently.

Antwerp Destinations by

Antwerp boasts one of the world’s highest number of pubs per capita. There’s no legal closing time. And the breweries of Belgium’s countryside know something about rewarding thirst.

Why I’m a Brewer Last Call by

Patrick Rue of The Bruery chose a life of brewing over law, and couldn’t be happier.