BeerAdvocate magazine #3

Embrace Your Inner Beer Geek! Beer Smack by

Love ’em or hate ’em, beer geeks play a key roll in the beer industry, particularly when it comes to today’s booming craft beer scene.

Beer News News by

What’s new in beer, from peacemaking homebrew to trademark disputes and gluten-free brew.

Saving Global Beer Culture One Plane Ticket at a Time Unfiltered by

Much like polar ice caps and the spotted owl, global beer culture is in jeopardy.

Your First Irish Dry Stout BYOB by

Follow our simple instructions and in four weeks you’ll have a pint to call your very own.

Nick Floyd of Three Floyds Going Pro by

Just 10 years after its founding, Three Floyds Brewing, a small Indiana microbrewery, has grown into an unlikely craft-brewing powerhouse.

Double-Walled Beer Glass Wares by

When we heard about these new double-walled, 16-ounce beer glasses, we had to get our hands on a couple and test them out.

O.G. Beer Geek: Why We’ve Got Nothing on Anton, the Original BeerAdvocate Hall of Fame by

Anton Schwarz, the Bohemian immigrant and editor of The American Brewer until his death in 1895, racked up more geek cred in a few years than any of us could in a lifetime.

Salty Beer, Swillin’ Yeast and Cellaring Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek’s advice on sodium, stirring up yeast in Hefeweizens, the risks of cellaring and over-carbonated beer.

The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth: An Affectionate Look at the More Beer-Obsessed Among Us Feature by

The landscape of the beer geek is as rich and varied as the outside world; a microcosm of society as a whole.

You’re Soaking in It Cooking with Beer by

A little sacrifice from the fridge can pay off big-time on the grill with beer-based marinades.

Idaho, Wyoming and Montana Destinations by

Idaho, Wyoming and Montana all boast some fantastic, overlooked winter destinations, offering more room on the slopes than their crowded, more-heralded neighbor to the south, as well as more elbow room at the bar.

Beer Geeks of the World: Relax! Last Call by

While most beer geeks seem to think they’re totally above the beer image wars, they’re not.