BeerAdvocate magazine #31

And the World Talked About Beer… Beer Smack by

We should be proud as beer drinkers that we have a president who enjoys beer for a change, and publicly.

Beer News News by

North Korea airs beer commercial; genetic science and beer bellies; beer tastings to become legal in North Carolina; Flying Fish Exit Series; Hoosiers campaign for freedom of choice.

Respecting Malt Unfiltered by

Whether used as a sweet and earthy backbone in otherwise crisp, hoppy German Pilsners, or as the center of attention in rich bocks and robust Scotch Ales, malt brings more than sugar for alcohol conversion to the world’s best beers.

Mr. Arthur Batham’s Sense of Style The Politics of Beer by

Tim Webb reminisces about his first taste of better beer in 1974 (a Batham’s Bitter at The Plough Inn) and wonders what the prize-winning GABF beers will be like 35 years from now.

Danger-Prone Brewing BYOB by

Whether it’s lighting your shorts on fire, snipping off a piece of finger or proving a thick Irish skull tougher than a garage door, danger abounds. The beer gods demand the occasional blood sacrifice, so take your lumps and enjoy the brew.

Jon Curtis Going Pro by

In a single year, Jon Curtis of The Tap Brewing Company will churn through more recipes than some pub brewers would get to in a decade. He revels in the variety.

Tripel: The Best of the Best Style Profile by

Tripel what? It’s not three times the alcoholic strength of a basic beer, nor the gravity, nor the malt, nor the hops. It has nothing to do with its process of fermentation or even its price.

Three Threads Three Threads by

Jeff Miller, David Schultzer and Dave Blanchard weigh in on the pros and cons of “overhyped” beers and breweries.

Dry Yeast: It Isn’t Just For Bakers Anymore Innovation by

Primarily used by bakers, active dry yeast (ADY) has been available to brewers for years. Professional brewers, even the tiniest, thriftiest of craft brewers, usually don’t touch the stuff. Until now.

Cider Is Not Beer Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek clears up a common misconception about cider and beer.

Beer-be-cue’n Part 2 Cooking with Beer by

Great barbecue can be found all over the USA, from Kansas City to Texas, to Memphis and out to the Carolinas. However, many of us do not have access in our hometowns to all this great barbecue nationwide, so here are a few more recipes to crave during the warm summer months.

Profiles in Beer Feature by

Join us in our annual nod to those who help make beer more than just another beverage with buzz. Raise your glass and holla “Cheers!” to these badass beer advocates.

Montreal Destinations by

Move beyond the strip clubs and the discos and you’ll find a warm, cultured town that’s immensely proud of its heritage and its future. And, increasingly, that pride is centering on the region’s burgeoning brewing scene.

Are you a BA? Last Call by

Greg Hall of Goose Island Beer Co. waxes poetic on everything besides the brew itself that makes beer great.