BeerAdvocate magazine #34

Don’t Compromise Your Beer this Holiday Season Beer Smack by

Impress the hell out of everyone when you whip out bottles of intriguing beer, reel off brief explanations of what they are and share your liquid bread at the table. Fortify the ancestral tradition of feasting by complementing the food with beer.

Beer News News by

Rock Art Brewery wins monstrous legal battle; Greg Noonan passes away; BrewDog’s Nanny State keeps drinkers off the naughty step; and a black bear makes a beer run in Wisconsin.

Beer to be Thankful For Unfiltered by

From modest, ambitious, even naïve origins, the beer industry has seen incredible changes in the short lifespan of better beer.

The Luxury of Disagreement The Politics of Beer by

Arguing that Lambic should only be made in Brussels or Payottenland is as unsustainable as saying that lagers should only come from Bavaria or Bohemia.

Double Witbier: More of Everything Style Profile by

Crisp, divinely flavored with coriander and orange peels, spicy and fruity. Typically made with unmalted wheat and perhaps oats, it is left unfiltered to produce a hazy, pale color with a billowing white cloud of foam.

A BoS of a Time BYOB by

When determining the Best of Show, four or five experienced judges and brewers grab chairs and enough glasses to run a tavern for a night. With beers flying quickly, the judges have scant moments to sniff, swirl, swallow and form an opinion.

Bob Sylvester Going Pro by

Halfway through his 40s, Bob Sylvester and his wife launched a tiny shoestring brewery in a warehouse near the Gulf of Mexico. Saint Somewhere is a tiny, one-man, Belgian operation, but it has attracted a nation of ecstatic customers.

Three Threads Three Threads by users share what they think of rising prices for six-packs and the recent advent of four-packs.

Designated Drivers ‘R’ Us Innovation by

A growing number of organizations across the country are making it their business to get you—and your car—home safely after a night on the town.

Beer Sans Bubbles? Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek helps a user search for a noncarbonated brew.

Thanksgiving South of the Border Cooking with Beer by

What if Captain Christopher Jones and his crew had Thanksgiving in Mexico verses Plymouth Rock? What flavors would be expressed and what ingredients would have been used for what is now a traditional American holiday?

The Brewery at the Border From the Source by

Though it’s the northernmost brewery in the contiguous 48 states, you’d think Alpine Brewing Company was 5 miles from Bavaria, not Canada. The German-owned, German-built brewery brews Bavarian-style beers exclusively. Owner Bart Traubeck prefers it that way.

Back to Basics: Part Two Feature by

When you boil it all down, beer is little more than four simple ingredients—malt, hops, water and yeast. Join us as we close our two-part series on taking it all back to basics.

Charlotte Destinations by

A couple decades of explosive expansion have left a tall, gleaming downtown, a few up-and-coming post-industrial warehouse districts, booming suburbs and a cultural infrastructure still growing into all that growth. Hence, most of the excellent local taps you’ll find in town come from out of town. That’s changing.

In Relation to More Last Call by

John Haggerty of New Holland Brewing Co. muses on the philosophy of less is more for a “more” balanced beer.