BeerAdvocate magazine #35

Is it Really Beer? Beer Smack by

As brewers strive to make “the world’s strongest beer,” should beers produced using unconventional methods like freeze distillation, aging in “wet” liquor barrels or cultivating super-yeast strains so they can power through sugar comas be considered “beer?”

Beer News News by

Hindenburg beer sells for $16,000; Semper Ri pays tribute to Marine regiment; Sheetz stores on a mission to liberate Pennsylvania beer sales; and no Spotted Cows allowed in Manhattan.

The End of the Multi-Tap Unfiltered by

The main problem with offering so many taps is that certain beers tend to move, either due to their innate popularity with consumers or because the bartenders sell them, while others tend to sit and face a long, cold death.

Taking the Humbug Out of Christmas The Politics of Beer by

Adding spice to beer is like applying perfume or aftershave to humans. The point is to use a dab to aid allure, not a vial to hide grime or lack of confidence.

New Year, New Beer, New Hop BYOB by

Extra Pale Ale allows the homebrewer to really taste that new hop strain everyone’s been talking about.

Jeff O’Neil Going Pro by

A decade ago, Jeff O’Neil was drinking Racer 5, growing hops in his backyard and sending résumés to every brewery in the Bay Area. Now he’s brewing West Coast-leaning ales out east, at the ever-expanding Ithaca Beer Company.

Pre-Prohibition Lager: More Nostalgic Than Authentic Style Profile by

Pre-Pro Lager is a glossy dream, a wistful look back to a style that largely never existed. The truth is that, by the time Prohibition was enacted, American brewers were already on the road to ruin.

Three Threads Three Threads by

BeerAdvocate users share what they think of American cask ale.

Drinking and Gaming Innovation by

Arkeg offers the fun and excitement of all your favorite arcade games in a stand-up model that multitasks as a tap system, keeping 5 gallons of tasty brew chilled and ready to serve whenever destroying Space Invaders works up a good thirst.

The Taste of German Pils Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek lays out the difference in flavor between authentic German Pils and, at times, poor American imitations.

Holiday Beer Cookies Cooking with Beer by

Whether using a Porter or a Lambic, holiday cookies made with beer create a new realm of possibilities for baking enthusiasts.

Double IPA Shortbread Cookies with Bacon Drippings Cooking with Beer by

These easy-to-make cookies, which can include an IPA or a Double IPA, walk the line between sweet and savory elements for a unique holiday treat.

How to Lose Friends and Alienate the Industry Feature by

The complaints and expectations about beer are reaching whole new levels. And the snobbery and superiority factors among craft beer lovers over macro drinkers are becoming shameful and embarrassing.

Phoenix Destinations by

Phoenix has grown into a sprawling boom town, a sizzling desert metropolis spilling well over its nominal borders. And as a place to have a pint, it’s no hot mess. These are the top beer destinations in the Phoenix area.

Repealing Barnum’s Law Last Call by

Geoff DeBisschop of Evolution Craft Brewing sings the praises of the beer community and its ability to choose substance over trends.